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  1. sys881218

    I am growing this is a styrofoam box with other pepper plants. This plant is currently a little over 2 feet and has a very strong main stalk that I did not need to give it support to stand upright. It has fruits that are slightly smaller than my other bell peppers however the color is gorgeous and there are so many flowers coming in on this one plant. I will definitely grow it again for the beautiful fruit as well as the low maintenance it required.

  2. amfoster.1996

    Can’t wait to try these they look beautiful I’m ordering soon

  3. colby07

    Planted pepper and is growing gang busters just flowered the other day best pepper ever I can’t wait to try them.

  4. sarahmframe

    These were a bit disappointing for me. Not as good tasting as a regular bell pepper, not prolific, and really just fell flat for me. The fruits are pretty when they’re fully ripe, but it takes a very long time to ripen, and since the plants weren’t very productive, I didn’t get many to enjoy. But there again the taste was not that great, so I will not be growing these again.

  5. lori.m.greco

    Enjoyed growing this variety this year. My bells did not produce as much as I would have wanted (about 5-6 bells per plant). The taste of these are wonderfully sweet and juicy. My kids were even amazed and wanted to give these a try. These when cooked do turn into a more green color so that was fun to watch as well. Would recommend 100%!

  6. lyonsashley267

    Thinner walled, but pretty color. Ok taste

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