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Leisure Splits Cilantro

Leisure Splits Cilantro, or "Chinese parsley," is a must-have in Asian cuisine. This annual split variety features individual seeds meticulously separated from their multi-seed pods, known as 'monogerm cilantro,' ensuring more accurate seeding.

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Purple Podded Pole Bean

The purple podded bean is a crowd favorite for the deep purple/fuchsia pods. The fact that the plant is a pole bean also means it will grow vertically and produce substantially more than bush varieties like the purple wonder bean. Pods are 5-6 inches in length and very tender when harvested young.

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Green Stripe Cushaw Squash

Green Striped Cushaw squash is a striking heirloom variety known for its unique elongated shape and vibrant green stripes on its pale cream skin. With sweet, nutty-flavored flesh, it's versatile for both savory and sweet dishes. This squash adds an eye-catching and delicious touch to any culinary creation.

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