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New MIgardener Favorites

De Cicco Brocolli

This Italian variety is known for tender stalks and mild flavor. They produce a compact 3-4" blue-green central head with side shoots, an excellent choice for extended harvests for home gardeners. Produces beautiful edible flowers; heads can be used for steaming, stir-fries, or freezing.

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Jacob's Cattle Bean

This heirloom bush bean native to North America, with impressive red and white speckles, has a flavorful history. Passed down through generations of farmers, this bean is easy to grow, even for the gardener with limited space or raised bed. An excellent dry bean that holds its shape during cooking, making it a perfect choice for soups or stews!

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Musquee de Maroc Squash

A french squash prized for its heritage and flavor. Not a pretty-looking squash by any means, but don't let the outer skin deter you from enjoying the creamy, nearly stringless meaty interior. Plants produce large fruits that are bell-shaped and similar in size to butternut squash.

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Garden Memories Candle Collection
There are so many fond moments spent and created in the garden that we wanted to bring them inside the comfort of your home!
New Seeds
Take a reusable, lightweight go-everywhere bag to your local farmers market for some fresh produce or as your everyday bag.