Wholesale Information

Thank you for being interested in our wholesale program. We would love to provide you with our seeds, fertilizers and soil amendments in your retail store. Please set up an account on our website with the email you will be ordering with for your business transactions. After the customer account is set up under that email please contact us with the email that your account is under with information about your locations/store for wholesale approval. 


Wholesale Seeds

Here is a little information about our seeds. 

  • NO GMO seeds
  • Germination testing done prior to packaging to ensure the highest quality seeds
  • 100% heirloom
  • 100% post consumer waste paper 
  • All seeds grown with organic methods
  • Each pack contains growing information and information specific to the variety
  • Choose from over 750 SKUs


Within our wholesale program we offer a couple different options. With either option, your wholesale price per packet is $1 each. The recommended SRP is $2 each packet.  

 Seed Displays Are Available for $20 each

 Fertilizer and Soil Amendment Wholesale

We have multiple options and sizes available. There is a minimum of $150 for the first order and $150 for the reorder of these products in a combination. Please contact our Store for more details 810-300-8845 or our whole sale line 810-289-3040. 


NPK 5-10-4

Size options: 3LBS and 6LBS and 15LBS

Trifecta is an all purpose fertilizer, and soil amendment. With a balanced amount of fast acting and slow release Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium it feeds growth, encourages root development and flower production, as well as strengthens immune systems and enhances plant vigor all season. Our proprietary blend of ingredients targets certain nutrients during key stages in the growth cycle of plants. With over 50 Trace minerals it ensures no micronutrient deficiencies. Trifecta also contains beneficial bacteria and fungi that work to increase disease resistance, drought tolerance, as well as unlock micronutrients to make them available. Lastly, Trifecta contains ingredients that build the soil structure rather than just feed plants such as humic acid and gypsum. This ensures a healthier environment for the soil biology to thrive rather than just feeding the plants.


NPK 5-3-6 
Size options: 3LBS and 6LBS 
All components in VegaGrow are certified organic, vegan, and GMO-free to ensure your peace of mind that you are growing the highest quality vegetables and fruit possible. This vegan-friendly blend includes essential macronutrients, 65 micronutrients, plus beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Derived from: Cottonseed meal, Rock phosphate, Soybean meal, Chilean nitrate, Kelp meal, Potash, Zeolite, Azomite, Humic acid, Gypsum, Lime, Epsom salt, Iron sulfate.

Revive RX 

NPK 9-1-1

Size options: 1Gallon, 32 Oz, or 16 OZ 

Is our Liquid based fertilized designed for seed starting and plants in stress. Shipping restrictions apply During Dec-March Due to freezing conditions when shipping. 

Sassy Lass 

Size options: 2LBS 

Is our granular molasses to help root growth and stimulation. This feeds the microbes in the soil to boost healthy beneficial bacterial production. 


***  Please Contact Us for Ordering and Pricing breakdown for Fertilizer and Soil amendment wholesale shipments. Minimums are required****

 Sample Pricing for trifecta. 


Trifecta+ 3lb. bags are wholesaled as follows:

10-20 bags/$8.50ea. 
21-50 bags/$8.00ea.
51-70 bags/$7.50ea.
71-99 bags/$7.00ea
100+ bags/$6.75ea.
Retail for $14



If this is something you are interested in, please contact us with your name and email to access the wholesale code.