We are expanding and are happy to stock your store with our MIgardener Products. If you would like more details please email us at wholesale@migardener.com

We launched our digital seed catalog last year!

We do grow some of the rare seeds we sell, however there would be no way to grow them all in the quantities needed. We happily partner with small independent family seed farms throughout the United States.

Yes, all our seeds are non-gmo. But just so you know, nobody can sell GMO seeds to home gardeners. They are only sold to commercial farmers and in large quantities.

Yes our seeds are all heirloom.

We aim to have an adequate stock of every item. However, if we do sell out, just join our waitlist to be readily notified once the item is back in stock. As we reach the end of the current growing season, we will clear out our seed stock to make room for the upcoming season! We traditionally have our next season's seed launch during the month of November!

For every US dollar spent you earn 5 points. Each point is worth a cent! These points never expire and may be redeemed along with most promotions. To begin redeeming rewards points make sure to create an account.

We do not do garden consultations at this time. Please view our Youtube videos for most everything you need to know about planning your garden, or contact your local master gardener extension and they have volunteers who may be able to help you better.