VegaGrow - Veganic Fertilizer


VegaGrow - Veganic Fertilizer

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N-P-K (5-3-6)

Back by popular demand!

Introducing NEW for 2022, our veganic fertilizer, VegaGrow! An all-natural, all-purpose, all plant-based fertilizer. The perfect garden companion made from plants for plants.

All components in VegaGrow are certified organic, vegan, and GMO-free to ensure your peace of mind that you are growing the highest quality vegetables and fruit possible. This vegan-friendly blend includes essential macronutrients, 65 micronutrients, plus beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Derived from: Cottonseed meal, Rock phosphate, Soybean meal, Chilean nitrate, Kelp meal, Potash, Zeolite, Azomite, Humic acid, Gypsum, Lime, Epsom salt, Iron sulfate

Potassium: Helps boost plant immunity and fruit set

Phosphorous: Helps with root development and flower production.

Nitrogen: Helps with green growth, vigor, and leaf development.

Trace Minerals, Bacteria & Fungi: Helps increase water uptake, drought tolerance, and nutrient absorption.

Strong enough for mature plants, yet gentle enough to not burn young seedlings. 

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