6 reviews for Jimmy Nardello Pepper (mild)

  1. Darren Lind

    started with bottom heat with excellent germination. The seedlings have grown nice and strong. I have not had fruited yet but will post another reveiw when I get fruit.

  2. fwmilmo

    Tasty, good growing pepper. You can eat it green or red. The red has a more sweeter flavor. It’s very mild with hardly no spicy/heat to them.

  3. myriahdeckard

    Great germination! Currently growing out in my garden and looking great. Still a little too early to start picking, so I can’t comment on taste, but the plants are doing extremely well. Couldn’t be happier!

  4. starltgirl

    Great germination, produce like crazy, good green and great if you wait until red!!!

  5. eslack17

    Most prolific plant in the garden this year (my first year growing these). They have turned out to be very often 9″ long and about 1.5″ at the top. They are super easy to de-seed and taste great fermented! Bugs have not been a problem either. I think these will be a staple in my future gardens. Oh and I am in southern Ontario and it has been a very wet spring and not a very hot summer so I am surprised peppers are doing well at all.
    ***Tip, I started using a handful of Alpaca and rabbit poop this year when planting and it has helped my plants quite a bit***

  6. Valerie Howden

    so happy when I could get these seeds for you. growing at least 25% stronger and bushier than some seeds from another supplier. I called the other supplier because the fruit didn’t even look anywhere close to multiple pics I’ve seen of this pepper ( picture perfect company + homegrown not so perfect). I can’t wait to taste the real thing this summer as the flowers are a good 2-3 weeks early in spite of a rough first 2 weeks in June (zone 2 b)

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