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  1. Jamie Overholt

    Most likely user error but I had no germination from these seeds. Planted 2 seeds to a cell in 6 cells and didn’t have any germinate. Planted at the same time as banana peppers that have had 90% germination. Will be trying these again since I love jalapeños.

  2. Emily Waala

    I had no germination from 6 different cells, 2 seeds per cell. I thought maybe I had done something wrong after the first 3 cells failed to grow, so I tried 3 more.. nothing. I am also growing cayenne, banana, and bell peppers which all had almost 100% germination. I’m not sure what happened. Everything else I have ordered from this site has had fantastic germination!

  3. lorynaylor

    My seeds had excellent germination. I started all my seeds this year in a plastic bag, mostly for fun. To see which seeds grow fastest and which took longer, etc. These were just as good as any other pepper seeds i ordered. They are small seedlings right now, I can’t wait to see them grow to big beautiful plants.

  4. Gregory Bartels

    Bought these for 2017 and had very good germination. Peppers grew very well and when ripened to red were very good (and hotter than I expected).

  5. Michelle McGuire

    My seeds germinated and were very productive.

  6. ankurp23

    I did an early batch (early March) in bags with a damp paper towel and put that near a heat vent and it worked, later sprouted in soil and they also came up, great germination, right now they have already set fruit and we haven’t had to buy any jalapenos for nearly 2 weeks now. Looking forward to seeing how productive the overall yield will be.

  7. shan_dee_

    These did great! I have found that pepper seeds germinate faster with the damp paper towel method.

  8. baylog60

    Longer germination rate than other peppers. Peppers are on smaller side but makes up for it by the volume produced. non stop jalapenos all season long, very hearty plants and seemed to tolerate colder temps in the fall well.

  9. sys881218

    I had 100% germination using a heat mat and grow lights. I started all my seeds late this year so I had purchased one plant from a box store just to get me going until these started producing. The plants I grew from MIGardener seeds are taller, bigger and healthier than the plant I had purchased, and there are a lot of jalapenos on these plants. The jalapenos on these plants don’t look to be their full size yet but they are already bigger than any of the jalapenos I got from my purchased plant. I am excited to use these peppers in different dishes as well as make my first ever cowboy candy!

  10. Valerie Howden

    growing for couple years now. great germination this year ( warmer grow room than previous year) and they are loving this year’s early heat and humidity. last years harvest was great even though we had cool temps in August. many of the fruit got to the red stage – didn’t get that far with seeds from other suppliers. Jalapeno type heat not too hot for me.

  11. Jenn Watson

    First time starting my own plants from seed and I’m super impressed. Great germination and wonderful production! Will buy again!

  12. ourlife767

    These grew great in my area of North Carolina

  13. loserlinda

    Excellent germination for me, but I use a heat mat for all my pepper starts. Both seedlings I selected to plant outside were great producers. I had more jalapenos than I had ever imagined.

  14. lyonsashley267

    great germination!

  15. gloria.maria.bryan

    Have 10 plants in containers, planted in June, still harvesting in late Oct. we’re at 29 degrees tonight. Will over winter tomorrow. I made several jars of picante an gave away tons!

  16. lcb.breauxfarms

    Great germination! Very plentiful! Big sized fruit! Used for salsa and pepper jelly and was delicious! Highly recommend! Growing Zone 9b!

  17. schallapril

    I’m a seasoned gardener, but this was my first year successfully starting peppers from seed. All my pepper seeds from MIGardener germinated and produced well after failed germination of several varieties from other sources. I will be purchasing all of my seeds from here as long as I can.

  18. scenestra

    Good basic hot pepper, my SO said they where good which since I don’t eat hot peppers I will have to take his word for it

  19. kalauing

    I had good luck using a heat mat for germinating this one. We had tons of jalapenos from the 40ish plants from this packet. The only note was that three of plants from our packet produced what looked like serrano and not jalapenos. We like most hot peppers so that wasn’t really a problem, but something to note.

  20. infinityadeux

    Had a really good germination rate, gave me peppers all season up until the first frost. More productive than storebought seedlings

  21. ilovebugs08

    Standard jalapeno taste and heat. Makes good poppers

  22. kalauing

    Seeds look good. Super excited to try this one out. Thanks MIgardener!

  23. Erin Wyckoff

    First year gardener and these made me feel like a pro when I was failing at tomatoes! Great germination, they all managed to survive my black thumb, and they produced a lot of peppers! Couldn’t ask for more

  24. lindsayclark09

    Great germination rates and these were high producers in the garden. Jalapenos are a must for cowboy candy!

  25. femichic2

    Zone 9
    Started the seeds indoors in January. The plants have been in the ground since mid March. It is already May they are growing well, just starting to put out flowers.

  26. lamoureux.6697

    A must for cowboy candied jalapeño

  27. lindymparsons

    Started indoors. Great germination. Have 3 plants and all are loaded with peppers. Smells so yummy.

  28. ashlyn_61

    Zone 5b in Canada, grown in fabric pots. Extremely prolific and heat/drought tolerant! I gave one as a gift for someone who gave me rain barrels, as I had quite a few extras, and she and her kids also loved them!

  29. wardea90

    Spotty germination, I appreciated how early they produced – Nice three foot tall plants producing many, many peppers in my zone 4b! Grew them as an experiment and didn’t expect much but they are still going strong despite our 5C night time temps.

  30. corinnemnilsen

    Lots of peppers, good flavor

  31. dgraphael

    It took these a while to germinate – like 2 weeks. They were a bit slow to grow and develop fruit but we had a lousy summer. Just use plenty of Trifecta+ and watch how many peppers you get. These had that Jalapeno heat and found if I sliced them thin I could eat them in a sandwich raw. They become milder when cooked.

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