5 reviews for Rosa Bianca Eggplant

  1. Darren Lind

    Took a bit to germinate but finally they all did! Can’t wait to eat this!

  2. fwmilmo

    Very tasty eggplant. You need a hot and humid environment to germinate. Will grow again.

  3. yackley_n

    Amazing germination rate and wonderful color on these eggplants

  4. nicolesica123

    I only planted two seeds this spring, and even then a bit too early, I think – they were rather spindly. We had a strange cold spell in May (2020 strikes again) and even though we covered the seedlings in coloches, I think they were damaged and died shortly after. Will try again in 2021.

  5. melindamarsh2001

    beautiful plants but no flowers. don’t think i will get anything before the 1st frost. not an eggplant season this year in my area on MN.

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