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It's been so exciting to hear from people all over the world who have recently discovered MIgardener in their search for top-notch gardening advice! I thought it would be helpful to tell you about all the resources we have created to help you have ultimate success in the garden.

Our Story

When Luke started his youtube channel in 2011, he wanted MIgardener to inspire others to grow a garden, live healthier lives, and have fun doing it. With the help of social media, that was all made possible! In 2014, Sindy (his fiance) joined him in that dream. With her career in design, she has established the creative vision for MIgardener with her fantastic eye for detail. Sindy and Luke were married in 2015 and dedicated their full attention to working hard on building our business, growing a 100% organic garden, and opening up their very first seed store!

MIgardener Port Huron

MIgardener Port Huron

For the longest time, our business was strictly an online system. However, thanks to you, our first-ever storefront has been open for almost two years in the gorgeous downtown Port Huron, Michigan. More than 500 heirloom seeds, our best selling Trifecta+ fertilizer, gardening supplies, and garden lovers gift shop can be found in-store and online. For updates, follow the store on Facebook and Instagram.

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MIgardener Resources

If you're new to MIgardener, you probably found us on YouTube. With over 1,000 videos on our channel, there is an endless supply to learn from. Here are a few of our favorites:

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How To Grow Potatoes In Containers 

This Method of Tying Up Tomatoes Will Change Your Life

MIgardener Blog

Curiosity and inspiration are the driving force of the MIgardener blog. As our team increases in numbers, so do our questions. The blog is where those questions are answered! Whether you're looking for practical help, entertainment, or ways to preoccupy the kids, we've got you covered. If you don't know where to start, here are a handful of our most popular blog posts:

Garden Barefoot With These 5 Amazing Living Groundcovers

What Does Tomato Plant Leaf Curl Mean? 

Bad Bug List: Gardener's Most Wanted

welcome to MIgardener

Our Book

In 2019, Luke wrote his first book, The Autopilot Garden. In it, Luke shares all of the gardening know-how he has learned over the years in an accessible access guidebook. The Autopilot Garden will give you the best tips for how to work smarter (not harder) by strategizing to help your garden become self-sufficient. Learn to break down traditional thinking and implement systems that will save time, hassle, weeding, water, and space wherever you live.

Our Community

MIgardener would not exist without the thriving community of people who support what we do. We stay connected through social media, by taking the time to build up our team, and by linking up with our community through free workshops at our storefront. We love to hear your feedback, see pictures of your garden's progress, and are passionate about answering your questions. To stay connected, we have started our new podcast, Seeds The Day. You can sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates. For those in need, MIgardener is associated with Seeds4Needs, the non-profit arm of the company.

We are so hopeful to see what the future holds for the MIgardener family. The most encouraging thing about the work we do is seeing individuals who use our resources grow in confidence as they continue to garden.

Check us out at or on youtubeInstagram, and Facebook.

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