3 reviews for San Marzano Tomato

  1. parks51998

    Love these tomatoes, they never disappoint. Just a few plants in 2019 and I have already canned 7 quarts of sauce, with plenty more on the way. Bigger and better tasting than other paste tomatoes, in my opinion. I always recommend and will grow every year that I garden, 50 some years not.

  2. sarahhg2120

    These did great in my garden. All of my seeds germinated and we harvested a lot in 2019.

  3. trescatruong

    100% germination even in winter time San Francisco. The plants are quite small in the beginning but the stem REALLY thickend up after it was planted into a 10 gallon container. Growing beautifully and tomatoes are perfect. Super healthy stock of seeds.

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