21 reviews for San Marzano Tomato

  1. parks51998

    Love these tomatoes, they never disappoint. Just a few plants in 2019 and I have already canned 7 quarts of sauce, with plenty more on the way. Bigger and better tasting than other paste tomatoes, in my opinion. I always recommend and will grow every year that I garden, 50 some years not.

  2. sarahhg2120

    These did great in my garden. All of my seeds germinated and we harvested a lot in 2019.

  3. trescatruong

    100% germination even in winter time San Francisco. The plants are quite small in the beginning but the stem REALLY thickend up after it was planted into a 10 gallon container. Growing beautifully and tomatoes are perfect. Super healthy stock of seeds.

  4. deanjewell

    These took a bit to produce but when they did the tomatoes just kept coming.

  5. shermasin

    Made spaghetti sauce. This tomato has plenty of flesh with lower water content than a slicing tomato. I will be growing this again for next years project.

  6. grummett648

    Very impressed at the quantity of tomatoes produced. I picked 10-15 tomatoes daily from each plant for a couple weeks. They fought thru drought conditions. They were great for making salsa or tomato sauce. I’m going to plant more of these next year.

  7. Brandon Rose

    This was my first year growing these tomatoes. These produce a ton of tomatoes. The squirrels beat me to a number of them. Will certainly be growing these again next year.

  8. jsehrhart_

    Bad batch of seeds. Disappointed. The other reviews are great. Poor germination

  9. Valerie Howden

    great germination and really sturdy plants. the fruit was abundant on each of 4 plants no matter where they were located in the garden. definitely noticed my pasta sauce was much thicker than when I used only slicing tomatoes. need to grow more next year for sure.

  10. lcb.breauxfarms

    These did VERY well for us this past Spring! 100% germination and large yields. We garden in Zone 9a!

  11. tr.amythanh18

    Zone 7B – These did fairly well for me! I had some issues with blossom end rot but other than that, these grew great and tasted wonderful. Also had good germination (:

  12. cocoacat082

    They germinated, but only grew slowly and didn’t yield much. I’ve had good luck with San Marzanos in the past though, so I’d be willing to give them another try.

  13. mwilt94

    Seco d year growing this variety. Was very impressed last year on how big the tomatos were. Good alternative variety to Roma tomatos

  14. ourlife767

    Great producer

  15. puddlehoppernme

    As this is only my second year gardening, I am sure I am doing something wrong. My other tomato seeds from migardener have germinated wonderfully, these ones not so much. I am certain that this is a user error on my end and that the seeds are fine. I will be resowing to see what happens.

  16. cuttlebone1

    I highly recommend these tomatoes, Seed germinated and my tomatoes taste so good, I use them in the sauces that I make.

  17. evno3000

    This was great!

  18. michaelhonak

    Overall impressed, though the plants themselves grew smaller than my normal roma’s. From 8 plants I was able to make 3 jars of sauce, so there’s room for improvement. Hoping it’s down to the weather this year. Will be trying again next year.

  19. corinnemnilsen

    Nice flavor and vigorous plants! Worth growing!

  20. zraider73

    Purchased these and grew them this past season. They did amazing. Great production. Need to get another order of these for next season.

  21. lamoureux.6697

    Good paste tomato will grow next year

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