8 reviews for Black Nebula Carrot

  1. sbsnider1104

    First time growing carrots and my son picked these. We grew these beside our Danvers 126 carrots, but these didn’t germinate quite as well and grew a good bit slower. While these did come to full maturity (even though they were short) they tasted more bitter than an orange carrot. These were interesting to grow to stay the least.

  2. lindakelly77

    Bought these to add to my collection this year.. can’t wait to put them in the ground.. will grow some in container and see how they turn out… very, very exited to try them out, can’t’ wait.

  3. clh5225

    The nice dark purple color gives it an exotic look and taste.

  4. clh5225

    The nice dark purple color gives it an exotic look and make your dishes look more expencive then they are.

  5. ourlife767

    This is a great carrot to grow , especially if you are growing a colorful carrot garden. 🙂

  6. fauxmenno

    These germinated and grew better than most of the other carrot varieties I grew this year. They have pretty good flavor but I found it to be slightly more bitter than the sweet orange carrot varieties. They are very juicy and the juice will stain everything! Also, this variety was hairier than any other carrot I grew but that is easy enough to just peel and get rid of.

  7. lyonsashley267

    stunning and tasty

  8. melissa.krat

    Pretty. Grew well in dramatic temp swings. Good seed germination. Good flavor. Will grow agai

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