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  1. Chris Rieker

    While I just planted this today, I want to give a shot out to the quantity of seeds. MI advertises 100 seeds, I got 123 seeds in my packet. If they’re like the rest of the seeds I’ve started from here, I should be able to fully restock my asparagus patch with fresh sprouts!

  2. Laure H

    100% germination, in only 3 days! I’ve never grown asparagus before, so I’m quite pleased with such a good start.

  3. Derek Coots

    Germinating the seeds now for this year and only 1 in the whole package didn’t germinate. I bought 3 packs cause I was expecting worse germination rates so I guess some of my friends will get some asparagus seeds!

  4. Joseph

    The germination rate was great and the seedlings took a lot of abuse, like letting them dry out in the pots several time. Of course, it will take years to get asparagus to harvest, but 99 cents for as many plants as you could make a bed for is a pretty good deal.

  5. Michelle McGuire

    Great germination and put on a lot of growth in the first year.

  6. Darren Lind

    I started in peat pots and had good germination even though I let them dry out almost completely several times.

  7. spin60_15

    Germination was slow for me. I planted half of the asparagus seeds in packs in my grow room, and half straight outside. The grow room ones came up much faster than the outside so I think it was a little too cold for them at first. All are growing fine now. I still have a year to go on these before they start producing but I am so far really impressed with them. Zone 4 Alaska.

  8. Valerie Howden

    Started the whole package and I think all of them came up. Transplanted nicely in to their forever garden bed and continue to produce lots of ferns. A good layer of leaf mulch has kept the weeds in check. Taste review to follow in 2 years.

  9. arniefrantz@gmail.com

    100% germination and nice plants doing very well. Highly recommended!

  10. Pawat Seritrakul

    Good germination and healthy plants with lots of ferny leaves. I’ve recently relocated to Thailand and they grow well here too, surprisingly. Taste test in 2 years!

  11. Damar

    I am a beginner gardener. I bought these asparagus seeds in 2017 and didn’t have the chance to plant them until 2019. With no high expectation on the germination rate, I put 4-5 seeds per cell, total about 30 cells and most (if not all) germinated I feel bad thinning them. It is the 3rd month they have been transplanted in the garden. About 3 or 4 baby plants died, but the rest keep growing. Highly recommended.

  12. 94barratt

    Planted these last spring indoors, put them in the ground, and they came back beautifully this year. Will be expanding my patch next year from seed. Such a fun plant to watch grow. Can’t wait for a harvest in a year or two!

  13. bladeddragon

    Ok well. this product was never recommended to me. I was instructed to buy crowns and plant them.. However, This the second summer brings me about 20 plants each ferning very nicely in a moist environment covered on the sides by wood mulch and clipping the grass close. I think I am going to get a 20 foot long growing batch of product after a few more years. So to sum up. 20 plants out of 400 seeds planted. This year the 2nd summer has them about 12 inches tall and 10 inches fanning.

  14. Valerie Howden

    year 3 update – great growth continues and harvested a few spears. wonderful taste as a raw veg and so juicy compared to store bought. worth the wait. ferns are now over 6 feet tall so they like their spot. bunnies tend NOT to eat them!

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