The Homestead Collection by MIgardener


The Homestead Collection by MIgardener

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The Homestead Collection

A carefully curated collection for the homesteader in mind. This collection includes 15 varieties of heirloom seeds intended to help you grow more food on your homestead, and eat more of what you grow year-round. Each pack has 2 times the amount of seed of our normal packets specifically for those with more garden space. Each packet also is custom-designed with watercolor graphics printed on heavy 70lb craft jute paper to return back to the days of victory gardens and a way of simpler living with a timeless charming feel.

Danver's 126 Carrot - can be grown in spring and eaten in summer and fall, then covered with leaves and dug up all winter into spring.  - 1000 seeds

Golden Bantam Corn - Can be grown in summer for sweet corn, or be saved to be ground into cornmeal or cornflour.  - 50 seeds

Detroit Dark Red Beet - Grown in spring, greens can be eaten and the beets can be harvested in summer, Eaten, and pickled in the fall for winter and spring.  - 200 seeds

Waltham Butternut Squash - Grown for winter squash for winter and spring eating.   - 50 seeds

Table King Acorn Squash - A winter squash for long shelf life storage into winter and spring.   - 50 seeds

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce - Grown in spring, summer, and fall for fresh eating, or dehydrated and powdered for smoothies during winter.  - 2000 seeds

Copenhagen Market Cabbage - Grown and eaten fresh in summer and fall, then pickled for winter and spring.  - 600 seeds

Ace 55 Tomato - Grown in summer and fall fresh eating, canned for winter and spring.  - 50 seeds

Roma Tomato - Grown for fresh eating in summer and fall, canned for winter and spring. - 50 seeds

Yellow Spanish onion - Grown for summer and fall fresh eating, and winter and spring storage.  - 500 seeds

California Wonder Pepper- A wonderful pepper that can be used at various stages of color and many dishes.  - 100 seeds

Light Red Kidney Bean - Fresh eating and the beans seeds can be dried for their main purpose of bulk storage beans.  - 50 seeds

Blue Lake Bush Bean- Great fresh eating beans that are bountiful all summer and fall.   - 50 seeds

Wisconsin Pickling Cucumber - grown for summer and fall fresh eating, as well as pickled for winter and spring.  - 60 seeds

Sparkler White Tip Radish - Spring, fall, and winter harvests for fresh eating.  - 500 seeds

Each packet is sold separately if needed.  

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Laura Fellure

Cannot wait to start growing and using the homestead collection!

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