Pollinator Kit

Pollinator Kit
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Pollinator Kit

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This kit has it all. One thing that we promise is quality! Many of the “seed mixes” are loaded with fillers, which makes their profit margin high, and your satisfaction low. Many of their mixes are 90% weedy, and invasive “bully” field flowers, and 10% desirable beautiful flowers. At MIgardener we source every variety of seeds and mix them in-house. We focus on their 10% and make it 100% of our mixes.

This kit will attract honeybees, native bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies! It is also made up of perennials AND annuals for lasting beauty year after year.
It contains:

12 packets of seed:

(1) Evening Sunflower - 50 seeds
(1) Johnny Jump Up Viola - 350 seeds
(1) Bee Balm Flower - 100 seeds
(1) Borage - 60 seeds
(1) Hyssop - 450 seeds
(1) Bouquet Dill- 350 seeds
(1) Lemon Queen Sunflower - 50 seeds
(1) Blue Bachelor Button - 200 seeds
(1) Shirley Double Mix Poppy - 750 seeds
(1) Upland Wildflower mix *MIgardener mixed* - 250 seeds
(1) Red California Poppy - 750 seeds
(1) Crackerjack Mix Marigold - 150 seeds

Total of 3,510 seeds will cover approximately 9 square feet. 

Also note: Some of these flowers have a dual purpose: they are beneficial for attracting pollinators into your garden, are edible, and can be used raw or in tea!

**Varieties may vary depending on stock**

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