MIgardener's Loco Coco Coir Blocks


MIgardener's Loco Coco Coir Blocks

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Get ready to go loco with our premium grade A compressed coco coir blocks. These are ready to grow  just add water, rinse,  and it is ready to mix with your soil. Can be mix with  any fertilizer or other soil amendments to make  soil for the garden, containers, or even seed starting! 

What is coco coir? 
Coco coir is made from coconuts, just coconuts! It is a byproduct of the coconut industry. Coconut husks are ground down and compressed into blocks which behaves exactly like soil, and can replace peat moss. Needs to be rinsed before use it does contain salt.

It can be rinsed by adding extra water and pressing out the excess water once expanded.   

Approximate yield / block dimensions / Weight:
2.5 Cu. Ft. ( 11"x11"x4.5" approximately) / around 9 pounds
3 Cu Ft. ( 11"X11"x5.25" approximately) / around 11 pounds

Each block will yield approximately between 2.5 and 3 Cu. Ft. once full expanded

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