Jersey Blueberry (1 Plant)

Jersey Blueberry (1 Plant)

Jersey Blueberry (1 Plant)

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1 Plant- One of the oldest and most widely grown blueberries, the Jersey blueberry ripens around August with dark blue, very sweet berries. Blueberries produce beautiful, productive hedges displayed all year around, with their dark green foliage in the spring & summer and fiery red in the fall.  

Harvest Time: Late Season
Berry Size: Medium 
Best in zones: 4-7 
Maturity Height: 6-8'
Age of Plant: 1 Year 
Shipped as: 1 Liter Pot 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christa Eickhoff
Great blueberry plants!

These dormant plants are doing very well!

Sandra Madar
Jersey Blueberry healthy & fruiting I planted early 2023, photo taken June, 3, 2024

Planted in early 2023, Photo June 3, 2024! I bought 'Jersey' as a pollinating partner for 'Darrow', plus I live in NJ so of course I had to have it lol😆! Temporarily in pots, will plant in ground late fall. Both Jersey & Darrow are doing well. In comparison, so far the Jersey has has a more delicate fruiting habit than the Darrow, Jersey's fruit umbels are a bit more open and separated, and the berries are medium sized. I also want to mention that every live plant & crown I've ordered at from Luke & Sindy has been of AMAZING quality I'm so impressed with the integrity of this company! So far I've ordered about 5 varieties of blueberrys, strawberry crowns, asparagus crowns, and 3 varieties of raspberry plants. The seed I've purchased are also stellar with great germination & I've bought so many over the years I've lost count.

Jennifer L Galitzeck
Great plant

Bare root plants arrived so quickly after I ordered. Will be fantastic in my zone 6 blueberry patch. Another great addition to the garden from MIGARDENER.

Jennifer Scott

Thank you Luke!!

Robert Bowles Jr

They are growing very well can't wait to get some berries

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