Sassy Lass

Sassy Lass

Sassy Lass

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Molasses Concentrate + 1% Humic & 2% fulvic Acid

Give your plants an attitude with Sassy Lass! Made with pure blackstrap molasses, 1% humic, and 2% fulvic acid, this concentrate is a potent soil microbial booster guaranteed to give you results you can see.

How it works: Healthy plants start with healthy soil. The soil is teeming with beneficial bacteria and fungi. These bacteria and fungi associate with plant roots and mine minerals and nutrients for the plants, help ward off bad bacteria, assist with drought and heat resistance, reduce stress. The molasses offers a carbohydrate source that assists in the multiplying of bacterial colonies. Combined with humic and fulvic help to stabilize the soil pH, assist with root hair development, and helps with cell division.

How to use it: Apply 2 tablespoons per gallon as often as every other week, but as little as once every 2 months depending on need. Drench the soil thoroughly and water additionally if needed.

Refrigerate to maintain the 6-month shelf life.

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