16 Dwarf Fruit and Veggie Varieties for Your Tiny Garden

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As the home gardening movement gains popularity every day, it seems like everyone is trying to get on board! People want easy access to affordable healthy fruits and vegetables. However, most people don't have mass amounts of garden space available for planting. There are varieties for people all over the space spectrum. Still, whether you are gardening in a small area or are just looking for some, especially adorable varieties to add to your garden, this post is for you! Check out these tiny fruit and veggie varieties and imagine adding them to your 2020 garden!

Tiny Tomatoes 

dwarf vegetables for mini garden

There are a handful of dwarf tomatoes to choose from, but the MIgardener favorites are the Tiny Tim Tomato, the wherokowhai, and the geranium kiss. Each of these fantastic little tomato plants will grow up to 24 inches tall and bear some of the most delicious fruit you've ever seen! The Tiny Tim and geranium kiss both produce fruits up to an inch in diameter. The wherokowhai (coming soon to MIgardener) is a dwarf variety that will produce small to medium size slicing tomatoes. 

Cramped Cuc’s

The spacemaster 80 is an ideal miniature variety for a container garden. The fruits will grow up to 6-8 inches long on a plant that will stay the perfect size for pots or even hanging baskets. With the spacemaster 80, you get the benefit of full-sized fruit from a plant that won't hoard space in the garden! For gardeners who love to grow vertically, cucamelons are an ideal trellising variety. These mini cucumbers have a bright and tart flavor and resemble mini watermelons at full maturity! 

Faint Flowers

I could make a completely new blog post about mini flowers, so I'll stick to a few for now. The dwarf sunflower is the most adorable heirloom one we have found yet! People will expect things like chamomile and violas in your tiny garden, but these sunflowers will be a surprising choice! The sunspot dwarf grows up to 3 feet tall and is miniature compared to most sunflower varieties. With a flower span of 12 inches, it is perfect for those who don’t have a lot of space but enjoy the beauty that sunflowers bring. 

Petite Peas 

Tom Thumb peas are a true dwarf variety. This plant only grows 13-18 inches at full height and produces lots of peas per plant! There's no need to trellis this variety because it grows in a tiny bush! This is one of our all-time favorite container friendly varieties. Its size makes patio gardening a breeze. 

Compact Carrots 

Is there anything more fun than harvesting carrots? Not all carrots need a deep bed to grow correctly! The Parisian and the Little Fingers carrots are both fantastic varieties for the small space gardener. They show no regret for their small size and are perfect for snacking, patio gardens, square foot gardens, and great for the beginner gardener who might not have the best soil.  

Baby Basil 

The piccolino basil is the tiniest basil variety around! These uniform plants have small, spicy greek basil leaves that grow in a tree-like dome shape. Perfect for small pots and fairy gardens. Delicious culinary use with easy access in a windowsill herb garden. The dwarf greek basil is another basil with a smaller growing habit, making it perfect for windowsill herb gardens and growing in pots. 

Confined Corn

The blue jade corn is an adorable little heirloom that is remarkably small enough to grow in a container! The smallest corn stalks on the market, these have multiple stalks and grow only 3 feet high, producing 3-5 ears per plant. The ears are miniature too, about half the size of ordinary sweet corn. They're a beautiful royal blue color and have a rich and creamy sweet corn flavor once cooked.

Little Lettuce 

Any leaf lettuce variety would be a perfect addition to a container garden. If you are looking for miniature lettuce for the addition of cuteness, the little gem butterhead variety is one of the smallest heading varieties of lettuce in the world. The most adorable little lettuce you will ever see! Short, tight heads of buttercrunch lettuce will produce all season abundantly. Harvest the entire heads, or cut for regrowth.

Mini Melons

The Minnesota midget cantaloupe is the best varieties for a mini garden and anyone with a short growing season. This small personal sized cantaloupe has a small footprint making it ideal for small gardens, patio gardens, or square foot gardens. It's sweet, orange flesh and small amounts of seeds make this variety a favorite for MIgardener.


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    Most, if not all, of these plants would be great to try in indoor hydroponics. I got the Little Gem Butterhead to plant in my Aerogarden. Can’t wait to see how it does!

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    Please put these in a kit and let me know if available thank you

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