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Using Aspirin For a Healthier Tomato Plant




Create a Healthier Tomato Plant 
With Asprin


Simple. Tomato plants have a natural defence mechinism, spraying tomato plants with Aspirin will engage that mechinism, and help to create a healthier plant. 

How To. Mix 1 apirin tablet with 11/2 gallon of water. Stir until completely disolved. Then spray on leaves both under and over the leafs. 

Prevents. Prevents blight, verticulum wilt, black spot, fusarium wilt, and septoria blight.

Cures. NOTHING. This should be applied as a preventive, not a cure. So spraying early, and often is the key. 

Won't Prevent. Fungus spores or mold, since they are external and deal with growing conditions. 



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