8 reviews for Geranium Kiss Tomato

  1. andra_27

    tried germinating about 8 seeds and none worked.

  2. trescatruong

    I didn’t have any issues with germination. Grew very fast. Surprisingly stocky stem for such a small plant! The first tomato was sweet but not mind blowing. Very prolific though so this impatient person is happy with it 🙂

  3. joytosew

    Out of 10 seeds I have 3 that germinated. I think the problem I had was not waiting long enough. Even though I planted week of summer solstice and knew it would probably take longer for germination, did not expect 18+ days. One plant is a beautiful rich green about 3 inches with lots of leaves, plant 2 is about 1 1/2 inches with good leaves, 3rd is just now starting to put on a second set of leaves. Growing in a greenhouse for the winter. Can’t wait to see this at full maturity.

  4. Missdoxiemom

    First, the germination was great. I think I planted 4 seeds and all 4 came up.
    Second, the plants themselves are nice and stocky! I did tie them to a post fir extra protection since we got some strong storm early in the year
    Thirdly, they get flower clusters after flower clusters. It’s definitely an 9ver achiever for a container tomato!
    Lastly, the fruit. It tasted like a regular sweet 100 cherry tomato. These had a nice balance of sweet and acid.
    Overall I would grow these again! I loved how sturdy the plants are and enjoy the taste the tomatoes produce.

  5. nicolesica123

    LOVE this little guy! Super thick stem and fast growing. Excellent germination – I only planted two seeds and both came up strong. Literally grows like a weed and since it’s on my 2nd floor back patio, I don’t have any of the pest pressure that plagues my regular garden. Will grow this again!

  6. olsonkaylynn1

    Great micro tomato. I had to wait until the heat subsided a little in F.L. but it’s growing now, and I’m excited to see the little tomatos it produces

  7. melindamarsh2001

    nice container tomato.

  8. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

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