7 reviews for Arkansas Traveler Tomato

  1. Roger

    Produces a beautiful medium sized pink fruit with no cracking. Most of my other varieties had heavy cracking this year but not this one. It has a nice mild flavor, thin skin, fairly juicy and is productive enough for me to grow again next year. Certainly worth a try!

  2. dlaustinga

    Beautiful healthy plants. Look forward to eating them.

  3. lyonsashley267

    drought resistant and tasty

  4. kempisty

    I’ve been growing this variety for over twenty years. Got them through a friend from a relative from an actual hillbilly family in Arkansas! Just about a perfect tomato; great tasting pink/red, good size one is perfect to slice on a sandwich and not as juicy or sloppy as a beefsteak. I staked them and they grew over twelve feet and the maters just kept coming up til the first hard frost. Definitely one to grow every year.

  5. John W

    Produced a good amount of tomatoes. Held up good during our very hot summer. Good tasting.

    Zone 7b

  6. Katie Volner

    I’m from Arkansas, so maybe I’m a little bias or maybe these beauties do well in my region… But these were my strongest seedlings. Great germination. Classic tomato flavor.

  7. evanrahaman

    Great germination and they taste great in burgers. Great price with all of these seeds.

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