10 reviews for Cocozelle Zucchini Summer Squash

  1. Shannon Hagedorn

    Very tasty zucchini that even my picky-eater husband tried and liked. Will be growing these next year too

  2. Amy Ardizzone

    Delicious and beautiful! These make great zoodles. Not a high producer for me but will definitely plant again next year.

  3. dana.price

    I grow two batches of these each year, because the squash vine borer destroys whatever I’ve got in the ground in late July. They produce fewer zucchini than the black beauty, but also take up a lot less space and have smaller leaves.

  4. Hillski_

    These didn’t like the large containers last year, but this year we put them in the ground, and they have done SUPER. They may produce slightly less than the black beauty, but honestly, I’m not even sure about that. The 2 kinds seem to be keeping up with each other quite well. I like the fact that the Cocozelle, even if it gets super long super quick, it stays slender, with very small seeds, in our experience. This is another one that will go in our garden again.

  5. amiller700

    This zucchini is a champ when it comes to the heat. I planted it mid July in Las Vegas, and it grew healthy and strong. I watered it 5-6 times a week and it got morning sun and afternoon shade. This zucchini survived the 100 degree and above weather and was a pretty good producer, as I was harvesting 1-3 zucchini a week between my two plants. It produced zucchinis that were a foot and a half long and a couple inches thick. This was also with the desert soil, which is not the best (I do not have raised beds). Overall, super happy with this variety.

  6. lyonsashley267

    prolific! Good germination

  7. ilukephotography

    They grow so fast in such little time no matter the conditions!

  8. ourlife767

    grows great and produces well

  9. tminnard

    These plants did awesome for us here in the pacific northwest. Very prolific, great taste, slow to get powdery mildew. All my zucchini will eventually get powdery mildew but this variety was still producing long past the others. Will grow again.

  10. Josh DeCamp

    We typically didn’t get these planted until after the 4th of july the last couple of years. We have 3 20-25 gallon tubs on our porch next ro the house. They produce good and grow great. We are in south west Michigan and the plants get full sun until roughly 12:30pm. Originally we got them because our other zucchini in the garden got overtaken by bugs. Now this is the variety we plant. We get to harvest a nice large fruit that doesn’t have huge seeds. One day our chickens got on the deck and they loved them too. Haha.

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