5 reviews for Hailstone Radish

  1. carshenanbain

    Tried these for the first time and loved the spiciness. They grew well and were good sized. Great germination!

  2. jakehunter54

    These performed okay in the garden not the greatest but okay

  3. carla.pigman

    I grew about 8 kinds of radishes late summer into fall 2020, and the Hailstone was, by far, my favorite for fresh eating. The taste was great – not very spicy at all, just enough spice to know it’s a radish, but mostly just good flavor. It had a smooth, crunchy, juicy texture – never got woody or pithy no matter how big they grew (and some of them were whoppers!) I pulled them at various stages of growth (small to huge) to try them and loved them all. This will likely always be my go-to radish. Give it a try!

  4. brianna.shipley

    Great germination. I don’t real like radishes but these were better than many I have had in the past they still have a bit of spice. They grew well and fast.

  5. aminta.s.largaespada

    This is growing like crazy!!!

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