12 reviews for Red Veined Sorrel

  1. Ammar Dokht

    Growing this in Houston, TX, in an area that only receives afternoon sun. I planted the seeds in January in 2 rows. It is April and doing very well. It seems to be versatile as it withstood mid-teen freezes, 2 days of snow, and recent hotter weather hitting mid 80s. Easy to grow and enjoyable flavor. The taste similar to rhubarb.

  2. ragersteph

    DFW TX area. Partial shade. Started in pots after 90F weather(late summer/early fall). Great germination rate. Looks beautiful. Don’t care for the taste much. Might try cooking them. Seems to grow long with cut and come again method. Will likely give seeds to friends or use as ornamental plants.

  3. shdesignworx

    Best germination rates I’ve seen from sorrel so far and the leaves are beautiful.

  4. susanreuter3

    Love this green! Planted them last fall and they were champs through the winter. Very small and dainty in the early stages. Looks beautiful in the garden and in salads. Would make a pretty addition to a planter. Everyone loves the lemony taste of them. Now that the heat is on, they have turned tough and bitter. So now I add them to my green smoothy for the nutrient density. I thought I remember Luke saying he treats these like an perennial and when the cool weather returns, they will be edible again and will thrive during the cold fall and winter. I hope that is the case and I will leave them to try out that theory 😉

  5. babyragoo

    Great germination, easy to grow and very tasty.

  6. nire81

    I grew these with winter sowing and they germinated really well. They look beautiful enough to be a decorative plant. The taste is okay.

  7. lyonsashley267

    Easy to grow. Good germ rate. Ok flavor

  8. adam.yusko

    I was able to easily grow this and harvest near continuously from late spring through fall in Mid Michigan. A tasty green to add to salads or soups for a little bit extra! I preferred to harvest the leaves when they were a about `1 to 2 inches long to keep the flavor slightly ore mild.

  9. avy1976

    A solid, reliable producer, good germination, and perennial, so I’ll probably give away the rest of the seeds!

  10. sarahjeanhefner

    I was so excited to grow this as I love regular sorrel. Germination rate was excellent, it is beautiful, tasted great for a few weeks but with heat and into fall became unpalatably bitter rather than the tart sorrel I am used to. 🙁

  11. josephmajora

    Love these greens but make sure to germinate them on the recommended temperature. I tried at November in zone 8 outside and it did not work.

  12. ourlife767

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