13 reviews for Pak Choi White Stem Cabbage

  1. Emily Waala

    Oh Pak Choi.. My house has turned into a sea of pak choi seedlings. I’m almost certain that they had over 100% germination. I planted a few seedlings in each cell of my seed tray, and after they had germinated I just couldn’t bare to cut them down to one per cell, so I divided them. Every single seedling survived! These little guys make me feel like I can grow anything!

  2. Pawat Seritrakul

    I direct seeded these in the ground. Grew fast, even into fall. Classic pak choi flavor, as expected, nothing fancy. Great germination.

  3. Michelle McGuire

    This grew so well and tasted great!

  4. ragersteph

    100% germination outside(during fall) and inside(during winter. Perfect to grow in DFW TX in the fall and are surviving the winter with only protection when nights drop below 35, though some have survived without cover but some damaged leaves. There has only been light frosts here and these are loving their home, some in ground and some in pots. Succession planting is key to having a consistent harvest throughout the winter. Delicious in soups, salads, sauteed, in stir fry, or just straight to your mouth. I keep meaning to save seeds but we are eating these so fast that they don’t have time to bolt. It’s all fine. Seeds are only .99 here. I’ll just get more before I run out. 🙂

  5. sharmo0361

    Mine germinated well but bolted early even under a shade cloth. I will try a Fall crop and try under a low tunnel for winter. Northern Utah zone 5b

  6. ambrrrhuynh

    Oh my goodness, it seemed like every seed I put in the ground grew! These are delicious vegetables. I can’t wait to get more seeds as they are currently out of stock. Hurry, Luke, get more seeds in!

  7. bouncerdjwife

    This is my first time with pak Choi cabbage. It has sprouted pretty quickly and I will hopefully be able to transplant in a week.

  8. simplyblogs

    Had good germination and growing fast.

  9. natashadineen

    Incredible germination! I have trouble planting them without them bolting quickly, but that is likely due to our random warm and cold spells. Over all great plant and excellent sautéed in a little bit of bacon fat!

  10. evanrahaman

    Love MIgardener Seeds!

  11. evno3000

    These are great!

  12. josephmajora

    Love these. They grow so fast and can tolerate light frost, it is perfect for winter crop and I love using them on ramens.

  13. amanda.kerby

    Great taste. Ours bolted quickly though.

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