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  1. jjacksonav

    Cant wait to grow these.

  2. oliver.jr04

    Excited to grow this

  3. cashatech

    I give it a 4/5 only because I grew it in an unconventional way indoors. (zone 7a Maryland) I started these around September 2020 with scrappy grow lights with 100% germination and put them out the window on our deck/roof during the day for warmth and full sun when it was warm. Way too late to go in the ground we grew them indoor by the south facing window a in cloth grow bags. Got our first tomato around December/January and most harvest was march/April 2021. These plants lost all their leaves and are still trying to ripen their fruit! we got a good handful of fruit from 5 plants and I’m sure if we grew outside they would be great! cant wait to try this year and compare!

  4. evno3000

    These were great!

  5. justineoliverosjco

    These tomatoes are taking way longer than 42 days. It’s taking forever. It’s been about 14 weeks and still no tomatoes

  6. John W

    I tried these expecting to get some early tomatoes. Mine did not produce earlier than others and produced very little. Next year I will stick with large red cherry tomatoes and black cherry.

  7. cheung912

    More than 42 days, already been close to 2 months already. So much for “short growing season” peeps out there.

  8. badgolf89

    Pros: fairly early, fairly productive.

    Cons: produced fruit about 100 days after planting seeds indoors, 60 days after planting 10 inch seedlings outdoors at the end of May 2021 (Zone 5a – used Trifecta ass fertilizer in a well composted raised bed in full sun). Very bland tasting fruit, no sweetness just a bit of acidity, worse than some store-bought tomatoes (so really no point in growing them).

    My Sungold grape tomatoes beat them to first harvest by about a day or two and to this day, after many years of growing a variety of tomatoes, Sungolds still are the sweetest most flavorful tomatoes I’ve ever eaten. The 42-Day tomatoes are large cherry size, about the size of a ping-pong ball or a slightly smaller. They’re pretty heavy producing but since they are determinate tomatoes, as soon as they’re done in a week or two I’m going to yank them and I still have a few extra seedlings from other varieties that I will plant in their stead and hope I get harvest before frost.

  9. dgreiner0701

    This is an easy to germinate, grow and harvest tomato. The best part was getting tomatoes early and the flavor can’t be beat! Tbis will be a staple in my garden for years to come! Highly recommend!!!

  10. kimhensley0

    As promised, these were the first tomatoes to ripen! Sweet midsized cherry first to satisfy the tomato craving. I would grow again!

  11. ashleeboivin802

    Was really expecting an awesome tomato with this variety. Unfortunately I’ve been having a hard time keeping them alive long enough to produce fruit. It could possibly be user error. I have more seeds i will try growing out soon once all this rain stops

  12. lamoureux.6697

    Did not germinate well. Could be my fault will try again next year

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