63 reviews for 15lb. Trifecta+ Bulk Bag (Ships Separately)

  1. John Brady

    I haven’t used it yet but am very much looking forward to trying it

  2. Alyse

    This stuff works great! I used it two years ago on my crops and last year I didn’t use it, just to see the difference in production. I had significant better production from my plants the year I did use it. Will definitely be using it from now on.

  3. Christan

    I started my raised beds last year and decided mid season to try trifecta. Once I placed your product as you instructed in your video I watched my plants soar!!! They looked healthier as well as production picked up. I already placed 2 orders this season as I want to be sure I have enough on hand when I plant in May. Amazing product and satisfied customer in Ohio

  4. Eric

    I used this last year on my peppers and tomatoes and watermelon last year…. needless to say i had tomato runners two feet long. Pepper plants kept producing until the first frost, and the watermelons were absolutely huge and delicious.

  5. Dianne Gleaton

    My major complaint is not being able to get more. I have been on the wait list for at least 4 months. I need to find something as good but that is readily available when I need it.

    • MIgardener

      It is in stock and has been in and out of stock for months 🙂 Sorry that it sells so quickly!

  6. Rene Mace

    This is the most amazing product! This is my 3 year of using it and my plants are so green, so lush and produce better than any other product I have ever tried! Thank you Luke for this amazing fertilizer and for all the testing and research that you did to produce it

  7. Ken

    Used for the regular garden and great results from lettuce to tomatoes! Tried some in the indoor plants and wow. You’ve got a lifetime customer here! Can’t wait to expand the garden this year and ready to plant next year! Thank you!

  8. Yvencia Simmons

    I love it’s!!!!!!!

  9. Steph

    I love your trifecta blend! I have used it in containers and my in-ground garden. This year I added it to my seed starting mix & have noticed my tomato seedlings are much sturdier this year than in previous seasons (same varieties). Thanks for a great product!!!

  10. Tameka Hartley

    I have purchased the 2lb bag and i just ordered two more pounds. Early in the season, I am noticing happy anday healthy plants. I am looking forward to harvest.

  11. Michael Alford

    Love this stuff!

  12. Lu Daniel

    After thorough research, I have determined this to be the best choice. I am seeing nutrient deficiencies in my tomatoes and fruit trees. Help …… Please restock soon!! I need to give this to my plants. Thank you.

  13. Ema Anel Wright-Hernandez

    Love it.

  14. Christina

    Over 15 yrs of gardening experience and I just love trifecta. Great grow and taste from my veggies!

  15. Laurie Camden

    This is the best. I bought a 15 lb bag at the beginning of the season and it was so awesome I bought a second bag. I have never had production like I have this year. I will deffinately buy more again next year

  16. Gayle Reynolds

    My raised bed AND container veggies have been rockin’ and rollin’ thanks to this fertilizer: big difference from last year! Between your fertilizer and watching as many of your YouTube vids as I can TO LEARN WHAT AND HOW TO DO THINGS, I am now growing my own food, whereas the last two years I was really struggling….so THANK YOU LUKE!!!

  17. Kim

    If I buy now will it still be good next spring??

  18. AL Dougherty

    I used trifecta plus this year and what a difference it made! granted I had a good harvest the last year but the plants this year look so much better and production is much better. TRIFECTA PLUS IS GOOD STUFF DONT HESITATE GET SOME YOU WILL LOVE IT! just saying lol

  19. Kelly

    We had a freak hail storm mid June. It looked like all the plants were about to die. Leaves were shredded on a lot of the plants, all the leaves fell off the basil plants, and most of the branches were broken off the tomatoes. After a week or so, I lost a lot of my garden. I quickly ordered Tri+ as a last resort. Not only did the ones still standing survive, but they went absolutely crazy! The determinant tomatoes were supposed to get 3′ tall max, but mine are well over 4′ now and have a ton of fruits. The basil came back in full force to the point where I have to give a lot of it away. Since a lot of my garden died, I started some seeds inside and transplanted outdoors. I used Tri+ in the holes before adding the plants. All of the transplants survived without any shock. I’d like to note that I didn’t harden the transplants off before planting either.
    I will definitely be buying more next year!

  20. Cheryl Cunningham

    this is the first year i tried trifecta, other years i would need to fertilize every couple of weeks and would still get yellowing at the base leafs, i would also get disease in my tomatoes in july and fight it. this year at planting, I used trifecta along with some worm castings (from MI Garnder) and 10-20 rabbit poop pellets(from a friend). It poured here may and june , like flash flood type rains. I sat and watched for some signs of nutrient deficiency before i fertilized again. I sprayed with MI gardner’s cold pressed neem oil during the heavy rains but did not see blight (first time in years! I continued to watch for nutrient defficiency. I was impressed how balanced this fertilizer must be because i have had the perfect amount of leaves to tomatoes. i had them hanging like red ornaments all over from mid july till now. I have not fertilized my garden once… just some in seed starts and again at transplanting…. I have given my containers the MI Gardner’s 911 fertilizer. WOW! what a year. What healthy plants and productive plants!!! i have to plant my tomatoes in the same area every year and thought I doomed because of the previous years spores being in my garden beds. Im impressed with trifecta. I guess its true that healthy plants from the get go fight disease all year. Its now september and i still have loads of tomatoes i can’t even eat. When one is half eaten on the ground, i’m thinking….go ahead you poor hungry chipmunk’s help yourself i have plenty! Even though i don’t recommend not fertilizing your garden…this experiment has taught me if the soil and tiefecta for the season …my plants are doing amazing!!! im not ready for the cold weather because my tomatoes wont stop producing! Great job guys!!! the bags of biostart, green sand, bloodmeal, azomite, epsom salts, phosphorus, stinky fish fertilizer and kelp are over!!! thanks for saving me a bundle!

  21. Cheryl Cunningham

    wow great Stuff. experimented with only using trifecta at seed start and transplanting. My tomatoes decorate my plants like a christmas tree. the perfect amount of foliage to tomato ratio. other years I had large plants 10 foot tall, with few tomatoes. This year I noticed they were about 5-6 feet, but strong, healthy and put out flowers like you wouldn’t believe. all different variates. its september 6th, still no fertilizer added and they wont quit. I have also Not gotten blight. every year before this the tomatoes were gone by end of august because of blight. NOT this year! yeah!!! didn’t add compost or anything except coffee grounds, fireplace wood ash and leaves over the fall and Trifecta and worm castings(MI Gardner’s) from the start. I used 911 in my containers as heavy down pours in may and june wash a lot out. I used MI gardeners cold pressed neem oil once a week in between the rains and Wow! I no longer have to buys bags and bags of all these expensive fertilizers, fish and kelp emulsions. From now on… worm castings and trifecta!! and good fall prep. thanks for saving me so much money!

  22. Jeremy Henley

    I tried one bed with and one without this product. The production and overall health of the plants were night and day. Well worth spending the money.

  23. Mike Pooler

    Its So Goooooood!
    I live in a high desert climate and growing here is hard on any gardener.
    Every night since I planted it has been in the 30s every night.
    Even in July and August it will be 40 average at night and 90 to 100 in the day.
    The farmers almanac says I don’t have a last frost date!
    A good fertilizer is a must, as I only get half of every day to grow during the growing season (July to August) and by September It may be snowing again.
    I have tomatoes and peppers growing under these conditions with Trifecta + and Revive RX.
    The tomato stalks are healthy and I expect to get a good harvest this year.

    Thanks Luke

  24. Levi Koch

    Absolutely amazing, was fertilizing with miracle grow before and had ok results. Put trifecta down a week ago as a top dressing, did more then recommended but I have brand new raised beds that have low quality dirt. My plants literally exploded after a week of trifecta.

  25. irishgirl3

    Smells like heaven… just sprinkled it onto my plants and can’t wait to see how it works! 😀

  26. c.nunez64

    I’m a first-time gardener and felt overwhelmed with so many fertilizers to choose from at the store. I was researching and looking for an organic fertilizer that is easy to use and works. I heard about Migardener fertilizer from another gardening youtuber calikim29. She swears by Trifecta and always uses it in her garden. I decided to try it and bought my first 15lb bag a recently and applied it to my dying with no flowers pepper plants. My pepper plants have not looked this good, they have produced so well, beautiful tasty peppers, and continue to produce her in Southern CA zone 10a. I am absolutely very very happy with this fertilizer. I will never buy a different one again, I just purchased another 15 lbs for my new fall plantings. I highly recommend this fertilizer, it’s easy to use, and gives the best results. Thank you calikim29 for the recommendation and thanks to Luke for his informative videos and for this unique fertilizer that meets all of my needs. Highly Recommend!!!

  27. rlgrn2008

    As a child I helped in the garden. It had been many years of not gardening when bought a house and decided to start my own garden. My first year was difficult, getting to know the areas weather patterns and soil. About midway through my first year I discovered MIGardener. I began trying some of his suggestions. By the end of the season I tried this fertilizer. Phenomenal. Some of my plants weathered the winter and were fruiting again before transplants were even in the store! Never had that happened before. So I used this fertilizer solely my second year and again amazing results. This year we had freaky weather. Cold. Wet. Hot. Cold. Very Hot. Wet. Cold. Very hot for 6 weeks! (And I have the electric bill to prove it!) My garden is rich and plentiful. I planted Stupice Tomato seeds from MIGardener; Luke is right everyone should experience this tomato. I stopped counting at 35 tomatoes on ONE plant! Late spring I planted several peas and one pole bean (Luke’s seed). These cold weather vegetables did well despite the weather. However the pole beans should have died a long time ago because the weather was the worst. I have used this fertilizer and am still getting string beans well into Sept! If you’re on the fence about spending money on this product I suggest you try the 2lb bag. You’ll soon be buying the 15lb bag like I did. Amazing Phenomenal Product! Thanks Luke for making an old lady, an a cancer patient, able to eat her own clean organic food. You are inspiring, innovative, and an angel to share your knowledge and products with all of us. Please keep doing what you’re doing, and know you are immensely appreciated!!!

  28. Cal.smith

    its so good I’ve started adding it to my flower garden. Not only dors it give increased veggies but I’ve also had the best pollinator garden in several years.

  29. NanCndlr

    I love the fact that this comes in bulk! I started with smaller bags and saw an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE in my seedlings. Well, when my hubby asks what I want for Christmas, this will be the perfect gift each year!

  30. zooid

    I used this on my indeterminate tomato plants last year and they grew over 8 feet tall. I don’t want to use any other fertilizer. I just wish it was in stock more often. I guess that just proves how good it really is.

  31. dwsheets

    Strawberries the size of crab apples seems to be the norm. I put this stuff on all of my strawberry beds last fall but one. Everyone can see the amazing differences . I hope to never be without this stuff. I bought two large packages to insure having it on hand and to share with my friends,

  32. sys881218

    Used Trifecta+ on all my plants this year. They are healthy and doing extremely well. I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my squash/zuch plants, they’ve never looked healthier!

  33. savage3

    Simply THE BEST fertilizer I have ever used! My garden is BOOMING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the slow and fast release aspect!

  34. jaarcher1

    Product arrived quickly and I have used it on all of my beds. All of my plants that I used the fertilizer on are THRIVING! I did a test of the same variety of tomato (one with Trifecta + and one without). The plant with the Trifecta + is definitely doing better than the non fertilized plant. They are both in a fresh layer of fully composted material. A+ in my books. I will be buying more in the future.

  35. mallerding15

    If you are on the fence about trying Trifecta+, DON’T BE. I’m telling you, this is hands down the best fertilizer I have ever used. I will never ever plant again without it. My plants are growing so fast. For example, my potatoes are already about a foot And a half tall and its early June. This is as tall as I have ever grown potatoes in an entire season!!! WOW, this stuff is the best. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

  36. bob6485

    I Love this stuff! My zucchini plants upon application a few days later were a much darker green. Everything I put this stuff seems to respond within a couple of days! I’ll buy a 15 lb bag every year for sure! I just about used all 15 lbs though. I would totally buy a bigger size!

  37. landengraham07

    my tomatoes weren’t looking very good so I used it and they grow healthily again.

  38. yannlachen

    I am a beginner gardener and feel very reassured using something that will help my veggies grow. Thank you so much for Trifecta! My plants are doing very well and have grown much taller and better after using this.

  39. yannlachen

    I love Trifecta, it has really helped my vegetables grow and looks like it is great nutrition for them also. They are doing well in high heat (over 100 F) on some days. They get afternoon shade from a cover but my pepper plants are surviving and producing.

  40. jbailey024

    Great results with this product. within a week i saw great results i will definitely be buying this product again.

  41. jbailey024

    Great product, within one week of using i saw results. i will definitely be buying this product again.

  42. etarider

    I started off in 2019 with a small bag and wished I had purchased the larger bag. This year I got the 15LB bag. My garden has never look so great or had so much production all season long.

  43. lyonsashley267

    Works well

  44. lyonsashley267

    Works well I reccomended it

  45. diplodocus4u

    I have very nutrient deficient alkaline soil and my garden and potted plants are always struggling. I tried Trifecta this year after hearing good things about it. Trifecta SAVED my potted lemon tree and yucca plant, and made all of my plants so much healthier. After purchasing the smaller bags of Trifecta several times, I bought this bulk bag for the gardening season and it is worth the money. I am no longer using non-organic blue fertilizer!

  46. savage3

    No other fertilizer compares- I have been gardening for almost 30 years and I have been astounded by the results- My pepper plants were almost 4 feet!

  47. sk8nfight

    Definitely a great blend. You can see the difference from the previous years harvest and plants.

  48. springraining22

    Waiting on stock for my third bag. Have trialed a homemade granular mix, plus a commercial mix next to Trifecta+, and the results say Trifecta+ works easier and better than both. Especially the homemade mix due to having to make it each year, then delays making it, and so on with life in the way.
    Last summer Trifecta+ gave us watermelons, grown in pots (!) with trellising. I normally don’t trellis these type of plants because the general vining confusion helps prevent the vine borers from getting the money shot, but they out grew all the pests so fast! We have attacking our watermelons normally: cucumber beetles, squash bugs, vine borers, two cycles of pickle worms, army worms, aphids (hustled by fire ants), leaf miners, along with roaming dogs plus squirrels. Normally melons are just about impossible. The vine and fruit must both stay intact for so long (organically, using no spray/dust, I wouldn’t know otherwise). Super excited about the boost Trifecta+ gave, and at just the right timing.

  49. rajarchow84

    I used this for the first time last year and OMG did it work great!! So much in fact I have already purchased multiple bags for the upcoming season!!

  50. designsbydona

    I used Trifecta last year & I was amazed at the growth & the amount of fruit the plants produced. I’m on the waiting list for this year. Hope I can get it soon because I want to use it on my indoor plants.

  51. magical.moonbeam

    I usually don’t have a successful pepper harvest, especially bells. I used this last year only on my peppers and tomatoes as i wanted to just give it a try. I had an amazing pepper harvest. It was incredible and I was surpised. With that i bought the bulk this year. I was sold.

  52. surkigati

    Tried the small bag last year, reading all the good reviews, helped revive my almost dying plants mid season. Remarkable results. So ordered the big bag this year, so I have enough! Just how often this product tends to go out of stock implies how good it is!

  53. pamela.spence817

    This is my second year to use Trifecta, and I couldn’t be happier! My vegetable plants are huge, lush, and extremely productive. I’m thrilled!

  54. dalahfitness

    This is the very best fertilizer on the planet, I will never use anything else!! Flowers explode with the most vibrant colors you coupd imagine, veggies have flavor that is beyond what you thought was possible! Within a few days you will see a difference in your plants!! Trifecta+ has saved the lives of many a plant in my yard! Its all anyone could hope for, and then some!

  55. cashatech

    5/5 this stuff is worth the buck. I thought $50 was a lot for a 15 lbs bag but when you consider a small 3 lbs bag is 15-20 at the store this is so worth it! not only will it last twice as long because you useless but the smaller amount grows twice as much so its four fold power!! My small marigold plant grew into a full bush because I accidentally tripled the dose in the planting hole! almost out grew my peppers and had so many blooms. They also sent me a new bag when the first was torn in the mail, great, no AMAZING customer service

  56. stec.downa

    In the past I struggled to grow peppers, not last year! This stuff was amazing and I had the best pepper harvest of all time. It worked great on my other veggies as well. Ordering more today to get me through the rest of this season.

  57. dependentongod4ever

    Absolutely LOVE Trifecta! All these other people have to stay on a schedule for fertilizing every couple weeks, whereas I just have to fertilize once, maybe twice a season thanks to Trifecta!
    Love that it’s offered in this bigger bag to save some money. However, this bag is not raccoon resistant….those suckers just ripped a giant whole in the bottom of my bag LOL. I put it all in one of those big plastic food saver containers that can be used for horse feed and stuff out in barns, so all is well! I make sure to always buy this a season before I need it, so it’s not OOS when I actually need it 🙂

  58. alysiawalczak

    This season I started seedlings and the moment I added trifecta after they started to stall, they took off and were better than the greenhouse starters I had to purchase (due to not having all the seeds I needed). I don’t plan on ever using anything but trifecta!

  59. staytrue.ma

    Im so glad that i found luke from MIgardener on YouTube, watching his videos let me grow a better garden as i do live in Nevada where the soil isn’t so great but trifecta+ is amazing and was a great deal of help. Keep up the great work you and your team do for us gardeners that like to get are hands dirty.

  60. awizard.amy

    Was my first year using this and has great results with all of my vegetables, love it! Plants were very productive and my tomatoes were about seven feet this years.

  61. jen-5323

    Wonderful Custom Blend Fertilizer for organic gardening, all of my plants grew so well with Trifecta + they were healthy and as a result, had less blight and pest pressure, I will continue to supplement with Trifecta in my kitchen garden raised beds.

  62. awizard.amy

    Is it possible to add the date of when the batch is created for the future? This way we know more exact of when the product reached its expiration.

  63. chrispatricksalinas

    Trifecta literally shot my wild Chile into flower production. It spent all growing season getting established. It’s located in the worst part of our garden. This part of the garden gets maybe 4 hrs of sunlight. For a pepper that’s nothing. I literally added trifecta and this plant is growing like it was the last two years!!!! Thank you Team Migardener!!!

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