11 reviews for Ukrainian purple tomato

  1. lyonsashley267

    Good taste! Poor shelf life however. Easy to peel when blanched. I will plant it again next season!

  2. scenestra

    Good germination and fun to grow, eat once you pick though, they don’t last long off the vine!

  3. cocoacat082

    I didn’t have much luck with these guys. They germinated, but only grew very slowly and didn’t provide much fruit.

  4. Karigan Knopf

    Favorite tomatoes by far! They are a great flavor and grow to a pretty big size for what they are. Definitely a sweeter tomato than what you’d get in the store, will be growing again! And bonus, what a pretty color!

    The only issue I had was I lost a lot of these tomatoes due to cracking.

  5. ourlife767

    not a good rate of germination

  6. sherburne.susanna

    Prolific Plants! Excellent Germination. These produced just as impressively as our tried and true Romas. They do not keep long. We had to use within a few days of picking, but they’re good in anything so it was never hard to find a use for them.

  7. bsjvp.my5

    These were delicious! Will plant again.

  8. brodbeck314

    Poor germination. I put 7 seeds in my container and only 1 came up.

  9. evno3000

    10/10 these are great!

  10. lamoureux.6697

    Plant slow to start and the plant does not look healthy. Have it in material grow bag and moved to different area just a few flowers.

  11. ohgardener44691

    Grew well over 12 feet tall, but not a lot of fruit. It did get the least sun of all my tomatoes though. I think I prefer my plum tomatoes to be more determinante than indeterminate though.

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