8 reviews for Purple Tomatillo

  1. fwmilmo

    Very prolific. Needs a hot and humid environment to germinate successfully. It produce yellow fruit, not green. However, the salsas I made with them were delicious! I will grow again.

  2. katrinafranzen

    Didn’t know these were self-incompatible until too late. Just pulled out a big, beautiful, healthy plant because it would not set fruit. The bees were loving it though! I’ll try again next year, and will certainly remember to plant a pair. Wish there had been a note on the seed packet. Maybe I missed it?

  3. tomsannex

    The plant was doing great…but I waited and waited and no fruit. Finally, I checked back on the website reviews to see if anyone else had the same problem and I read the second review….Arrgghh! I second that emotion, “Wish there had been a note on the seed packet.”.

  4. inimari1988

    The website and seed package both need ab accurate description of how to cultivate and advised that two plants are needs to get fruit. Not all of us are experienced gardeners and I was one of those who did not know I need two plant. Bees had a blast though! I’ll grow them again next year.

  5. lindseyallison1982

    I started these along with my tomatoes about an 80% germination in trays but all I direct sowed seeds didn’t germinate due to inexperience on my part. The tray started ones are doing great though and are loaded with the little “lanterns” as my kids call them.

  6. jessejanecopper

    Super awesome germination, I had so many i had to give some to my sisters.

  7. moonieee

    I am in zone 9B and these that well for me. I honestly do not think it was a problem with the seed. The plants grew and the germination rate was excellent. However this was my first time growing this type of tomato and I tend to feel that I need to work with my soil conditions in order to do better with this plant. So I’m going to give it another try.

  8. candace.elder.8289

    Great germination, still waiting to harvest though…

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