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  1. Emily

    I just ordered these, so I can’t speak for this specific pack of seeds, but I ordered the same variety from a different site last year. This variety is by far they most prolific tomato I have ever grown. The plant stay small, about 12″ x 12″. I grew 3 plants in a large container and had hundreds of tiny little tomatoes. If you love cherry tomatoes, this is your plant. My grandma grew them as well and had the same results. I’ve never had any issues with seeds from this site, so I’m sure these seeds will do just as well!

  2. Pawat Seritrakul

    Same here, I got the seeds from elsewhere before MIgardener started carrying these. It’s a heirloom, so doesn’t really matter where I got the seeds. Anyways, the plant did well indoor under light and was the only thing producing fruit all winter long. I wouldn’t recommend growing this out in the ground, but if you have a small space, growing in pots, or just want to have something growing in the dead of winter, this is it.

  3. dbooe1

    These lovelies are the perfect tomato for an apartment dweller or someone who doesn’t want to go any further than the deck for some tomatoes to complete a salad! I grew them in a pot on my deck and my son has enjoyed a consistent crop all summer that is on his little patio outside his apartment in a 12″ pot. It was so prolific that he had to use the railing for staking to keep the weight of the clusters from pulling the plant over. Germinated 100% and grew beautifully! Delicious little cherries! I love MIGardener seeds! Always my first choice!

  4. junkyjunk7

    These are perfect for small container gardening. I grew them in a 5 gallon fabric grow bag and they grew very well and produced a lot of small tomatoes. I am also growing these in my aerogarden and I am very pleased with the results. The description says determinate, but they just keep producing. Great dwarf variety that I will be growing again!

  5. yackley_n

    Amazing germination and variety of tomato

  6. radalem

    First, seeds have 100% germination rate. Second, this variety is so prolific. Fruits are bite-sized, crunchy and sweet! Perfect for snacks or salads! My new favorite!

  7. sys881218

    These seeds had excellent germination! I grew these in 6 and 8 inch pots and gave some away to friends as gifts. It’s perfect for the limited space on my deck, and also perfect for my friends who want tomatoes without all the pruning/staking work involved. Fruits are full of tomato flavor without being overly acidic or sweet. I will be growing this every year!

  8. josephonesta

    Great germination and prolific producer. I bought them because they are a bush variety and don’t mind containers. The plants were so compact that they were difficult to trim and consequently prone to blight. The flavor was less vibrant that I hoped but all in all, a decent tomato. I won’t grow them again but mostly because of the difficulty pruning and the blight.

  9. dlaustinga

    Very compact plant. Quite prolific with blooms. Can’t wait to see how this tiny tomato tastes.

  10. bladeddragon

    I was soo looking forward to this one. Last year I had regrowth of cherry tomatoes and I loved it. Feasting in the garden while working it.
    I purchased these seeds to give a dedicated batch for just that purpose.
    Unfortunately I was unable to get them to germinate in peat pods, in the window or under grow light conditions.

    I’ll try again but for now my garden is full.

  11. Nick Clarke

    This thing is small, but mighty! Real sturdy determinate tomato plant for only being about 16in.

    The amount of flower clusters this thing is putting on here in Michigan is incredible. If I had to guess there’s probably 50-60 flowers on it currently.

    These things should be incredible right off the vine!

  12. lyonsashley267

    These produce pretty small fruits, and the plants varried in sizes. Some were very small and compact, and others had longer vines. Small fruits that needed quite a bit of water, otherwise they got rubbery. Happy with them overall! I am planting them again. Definitely container friendly.

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