19 reviews for Zucchini Black Beauty (Summer) Squash

  1. Joe Koslowski

    We grew these for the first time last year and what a harvest we had. Cant believe all the people we gave these too. Amazing veggie

  2. Miranda Carpenter

    Grew these last year and they were absolutely phenomenal! The plants grew to be about 4 ft tall with leaves 18inches wide!! I planted two plants and would estimate we harvested well over 100 zukes! I would definitely recommend these if you are looking for something thats easy to grow and produces great!!

  3. Gil

    Fantastic results with perfect gemination and loads of fruits as early as April.
    Destributed the seedlings from this variety and the Italian striped and got great reviews from both, I had a spring storm that nearly killed my plants but they are recovering fast and started fruiting again.
    I pick them small and enjoy them tender, it also keeps the plant young.

  4. Hannah

    100% germination, great plants!

  5. Michelle McGuire

    I had to fight with squash Vine borers for these, but it was well worth it. Very productive!

  6. sharmo0361

    These were great! I think I got 100% germination and I am excited to have squash soon.

  7. gizzmogirl

    I have just 3 of these massive squash plants growing, the squash is perfect. I am getting some instagram worthy looking squash, nice straight and very dark green. With the 3 plants I am picking one every day now. The taste is amazing, so much better than store bought. Holds up well to the grill.

  8. nappen1

    Prolific. Easy to grow, great germination rate. Grew in san antonio in pots. They did die off in the 100 plus degree summer heat, but were very productive until then. Germination rate has been near 100% so far. Am starting a fall run now with similar rates. It does seem once the temps get to the 90s, the plants do not do well, but last year they did great in spring and a second round in the fall.

  9. deanjewell

    Zucchini is a big part of my garden, I enjoy the many uses for it. if you buy this you will have plenty of zucchini…

  10. jsehrhart_

    AWESOME. Best zuke ever

  11. amiller700

    Not the best in the heat. Planted them in Las Vegas in mid July, along with Cocozelle zucchini. When watered 5-6 times a week with morning sun and afternoon shade, the plant survived the Vegas heat, which was above 110 degrees. However, it did not produce many squash. In the same period of time, the black beauty produced only 2 squash while the cocozelle produced 8. The plant is stilll alive with some minor burn from the sun, but it struggles to produce squash in the heat. When it comes to growing zucchini in hotter climates, I prefer the Cocozelle, but the Black Beauty still managed to produce some.

  12. evanrahaman

    Great zucchini to grow

  13. evanrahaman

    These are great!

  14. kellymullen2012

    Grew these last summer- got 40 zucchini from 5 plants. Wow!

  15. lindsayclark09

    This is our favorite zucchini! You can almost watch them grow – they are very prolific! This year we grew 10 plants and were able to feed our four pigs 1 each a day as well as have plenty for ourselves and our friends. This is a classic staple that will always be in the summer garden.

  16. Joshua Meekins

    These did so well last year (2020) for us.

  17. cd.mans

    I saved them in the refrigerator and they have germinated very well. Very productive and tasty.

  18. lamoureux.6697

    Year to year always reliable

  19. corinnemnilsen

    Such a good basic zucchini! Tons of fruit and very tasty. Early producer all the way til frost

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