4 reviews for Table King Bush Acorn (Winter) Squash

  1. amybreland02

    I honestly don’t think it’s the seeds fault why my rating is what it is. I think I’ve started it too late. So I didn’t get any fruit. And now it’s my second year with the seeds and I’m not having to Great of germination success anymore. However last year I did have perfect germination. Although the plant didn’t fruit it was a beautiful plant and I really loved how compact it was and I will continue to attempt to grow this

  2. bladeddragon

    Seeds from MIGardener are very small and after trying to seed indoors, and twice direct sew without any germination I went to the grocery store bought a squash and planted their seeds. Now I have a full patch.

  3. cecillegagne27

    These seeds I started on may 1rst. The fruit started forming around mid september which is way too late for my region of Ottawa,Ontario, Canada. I’d say if I tried this again I would add another 20 days until maturity to those 80 days mentioned. Unfortunately with a short growing season it can be tricky to grow long maturing squash.

  4. lambert92

    these did amazing!
    plants were the size of a regular zucchini plant, no crazy vining at all.
    there were 5 or more fruits per plant growing at once and after picking, they flowered again and grew more…even in crazy heat and squash bug infestation, they kept going!

    will be planting again this year!

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