8 reviews for Early White Bush Scallop (Summer) Squash

  1. Amanda Dong

    Good producer but it will start to grow out of its “bush” habit and spread out several feet in all directions/

  2. Derek Coots

    This has been a high producer for me this year in zone 6b.

  3. avy1976

    Seemed to take a long time to get going, and germination was average, but the few we harvested were amazing. Great flour and texture, will definitely grow again.

  4. simplyblogs

    This was the summer squash that broke down my dislike of the vegetable and I’d happily eat it raw! It had amazing production all summer, but it did take up a more than most summer squash…it spread more like a winter squash, but it was worth it!

  5. scenestra

    Productive and near immortal plant in my summer garden this year

  6. asia.gregg

    These did well in a patch of soil that was a little clay heavy, yet they still produced and were tasty. Someone even parked their car on top one of them and it survived! Tough little plant. Definitely growing this again.

  7. lamoureux.6697

    Good plant no bugs waiting for fruit. Excited

  8. justineoliverosjco

    Germination was quick and growing beautifully can’t wait to try this white scallop squash

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