8 reviews for Italian Striped Zucchini (Summer) Squash

  1. Gil

    Fantastic results with loads of big fruits as early as April.
    Destributed the seedlings from this variety and the black beauty and got great reviews from both, I had a spring storm that nearly killed my plants but they are recovering fast and started fruiting again.

  2. Karl Stadtler

    Definitely powdery mildew resistant because it resisted the disease longer than my yellow crookneck squash. These zucchini produce fantastic tasting fruit and are quite prolific. They finally died due to vine borers today but I will grow these again next season due to the taste. I will stagger the planting dates to avoid vine borers on some of my plants next year.

  3. Jessica

    Wow, these grew fast and are doing great here in Tx. Little zucchinis appeared in just over a month after sowing seeds. This was my first year planting zucchinis (or anything) from seed and it was so easy. I harvested my first zucchini today and it is the best tasting zucchini I’ve ever eaten. I will never go back to store-bought again because the flavor is just amazing. It costs 99c to buy a zucchini here so the packet already paid for itself. Excellent value!

  4. Joseph

    The good news is these were easy to sell at market. The bad news is they were the first eaten by the vine borers. I had some fair luck with succession planting and keeping the plants away from one another. The seed germination was great of course.

  5. fwmilmo

    Although not as prolific as the 8 Ball squash, the taste is great. I’ll try it again.

  6. ajgelfond

    This was the most interesting striped zucchini I have. Its fruit had one large green stripe encompassing the whole zucchini. It was productive and huge and managed to produce despite vine borer damage. However, the stars off are due to me receiving the wrong product (the bag said striped zucchini and planted from that packet twice at seperate times).

  7. Jonathon Kurth

    Every seed germinated without issue. However, what I really liked is the steadfast fruit production this plant is dishing out! It is October and the plants are each about 3 feet tall (trellised) and each currently has a minimum of 3 zucchinis. This zucchini variety has been a God send for my family. With a baby in the house and another on the way, this zucchini kept our grocery bills down and my daughter’s tummy full!

  8. dlaustinga

    Planted 3 different times. Nothing germinated. Wonder if the seeds were too old. Would like to have tasted this, but no luck.

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