3 reviews for Hales Best Jumbo Cantaloupe Melon

  1. jonathandchernandez

    I did not have very good luck with these I tried to get them to sprout in normal soil and the paper towel method all of the other seeds I received sprouted either one or both ways the seeds still look healthy and viable however it’s been weeks on past cantaloupe seeds I’ve tried to germinate they’ve all germinated in less than a week these don’t even show signs of germinating

  2. lindseyallison1982

    I handed some of these seeds to my daughter to plant and she couldn’t remember where she did. Then halfway into summer we found them. lol They had a few small melons on each plant ..there were 3 plants. They were severely neglected but still tasted great! All but one were really small. She was thrilled though. 😀 Will grow them again this year (In our garden this time ! haha)

  3. olsonkaylynn1

    Great germination, and exciyted to rec a melon.

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