15 reviews for Grand Rapids Leaf Lettuce

  1. Chris Rieker

    Had these seeds given to me a month ago from a friend who’d ordered too many packets. finally planted a few of them about 2 weeks ago and they sprouted within a week and are doing good.

  2. John

    Reliable and quick germination, they Kratky well, and is quite tasty. I’m a fan!

  3. brandon

    Came in protective packaging and in a timely manor! Very impressed!

  4. Valerie Howden

    Great growth and taste. Need I say more?

  5. gooseman_duckman

    I sprouted around 200 seeds for fall planting. About 98% germination. Very nice.

  6. gooseman_duckman

    These seeds and the plants that come from them are every bit as good as the seeds that you would pay 3 or 4 dollars for. A very good variety. If the rest of the seeds are like these i’ve found a new seed source. No need to go anywhere else.

  7. armoredhearts3

    Love this variety. We grew this hydroponically during a Michigan winter and they turned out crisp, and flavorful. 100% Quick germination. This is on our regular growing list.

  8. Chad Strauss

    Reliable producer in our garden and gave us no issues at all. Will be growing this again.

  9. ahouse422

    We grew out 5 different kinds of lettuce this spring in a 2′ x 8′ raised bed. Grand Rapids was the most productive, which is saying a lot because they all grew well. GR was also the best for lettuce wraps. GR was probably middle of the pack for taste, but it was still lightyears better than store bought lettuce. This is officially a must grow in my garden from now on.

  10. karenv4242

    I grew this in my Aerogarden, and I loved it! It grew great, the leaves were delicious, and they were still giving me tasty lettuce when the other lettuces I was growing were bolting. This will be a lettuce I always grow. MUCH better than anything you can find in the store. Highly recommended.

  11. sunshineshopgirl

    I live in zone B in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and was able to easily grow two separate crops of this last summer, one after the other. It produced a lot and I harvest regularly via cut and come again. Taste was definitely better than store bought and it was good for salads and also for wraps. I definitely plan to grow this again during summer 2021 and maybe do 3 total succession plantings. I definitely recommend!

  12. kalauing

    These germinated well, grew quickly, and were slow to bolt. Great lettuce.

  13. ohgardener44691

    Planted in a cooler area during the dog days of summer. Tolerated the heat well.

  14. happytimesahead23

    Highly recommend, it produces abudantly, very cold hardy. Love this for salads~iowa grown

  15. lamoureux.6697

    Good germination and tasty

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