Top Hat Blueberry (1 Plant)

Top Hat Blueberry (1 Plant)
Container Friendly
Full Sun

Top Hat Blueberry (1 Plant)

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1 Plant - Introducing the Tophat Blueberry Plant: a mid-season harvest compact shrub that produces plentiful white blooms in spring to attractive light blueberries that are pea-sized or larger Ideal for small spaces or container gardening. Perfect for defined border plantings, patio containers, or even a bonsai project. This variety offers sweet, juicy berries and stunning foliage, making it a charming addition to any garden. Grow your own delicious blueberries effortlessly!

Harvest Time: Mid-Season 
Berry Size:
Pea-size or larger 
Best in zones:
Maturity Height: 1-2' Tall & Wide 
Age of Plant: 1 Year 
Shipped as: 1 Liter Pot 

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