The Garden Planner


The Garden Planner

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Take the guesswork out of gardening! Whether you're already a vegetable veteran or are just discovering your green thumb, this planner has everything you need to start and maintain a stress-free garden at any scale.

  • Brainstorm your garden goals and take field notes to document your journey.
  • Map out your planting area with grid-patterned pages.
  • Keep track of all your garden needs with yearly, monthly, and weekly planners.
  • Budget and track expenses, log individual plant timelines, and record harvest information with customized charts.

In addition, this book provides valuable information on a variety of gardening topics such as guidance for warm and cool weather, directions for when seeds are best sown, and references for insectoid friends and foes. Set yourself up for success this season with this one-stop garden planner.


The planner is divided up into 5 separate sections - Vision, Calendar, Logs, Reference, and Notes - each containing a pocket, so you can stow away any of your gardening notes and seed packets! Lastly, as a finishing touch, we have an elastic band that will help keep all your notes tidy and organized.

Dimensions:  6.6 x 1.1 x 8.9 inches

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