Mixed Colors Sorghum Broomcorn

Mixed Colors Sorghum Broomcorn

Plant Attributes

Days to Maturity: 100-110
Full Sun
Approximate Seed Count: 50

Mixed Colors Sorghum Broomcorn

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Sorghum has been highly regarded as one of the most important grains for its multiple purposes. It can be used to make syrup, animal feed, flour, gathered together and used for broom-making material, and even used as primitive painting brushes. Sorghum can also be popped like popcorn which is a unique twist on a popular treat. Much higher in fiber, protein, minerals, and vitamins than corn. Plants grow just like corn until the very end when they reach the tassel stage they produce large clusters of seeds that start out green and as they ripen then become shades of brown, red, rust, orange, yellow, and golden orange. Beautiful for autumn decorations.

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