Concord Blue Seedless Grape

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Concord Blue Seedless Grape

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1 Year Root 

Indulge in the sweet sophistication of Concord Seedless Grapes – a vineyard treasure that embodies the essence of summer sweetness without the hassle of seeds. Bursting with flavor and juiciness, With their deep purple hue and luscious texture, these grapes make a stunning addition to any fruit bowl or cheese platter, enticing both the eye and the palate. The clusters and berries are much smaller than those of Concord. The fruit matures earlier, has high flavor, and makes excellent pies and preserves. It is also the easiest for the home gardener to grow. 

Whether enjoyed fresh off the vine or transformed into jams, jellies, or refreshing beverages, Concord Seedless Grapes promises a taste of pure vineyard bliss with every juicy bite.

Grapes are not particular about soil preference and do especially well in clays and loams that have been improved with organic matter.

The vines are allowed to run as they will the first year and the posting or staking is done the second or third year when you will prune heavily, leaving only 2 or 3 buds on the strongest stem. As it grows you’ll keep only the most vigorous sprout to form the main stem. Shallow cultivation and mulching are beneficial.

Spacing: 8-10' 
Best in Zones- 5-8
Fruit Color: Dark-purple almost black
Harvest Time: First part of September

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vanessa Conner
Very Satisfied!

The first plant sent didn’t leaf out after a month. I was refunded and I ordered a new plant and it is growing and leafing out! I am hopeful for grapes in the next couple seasons! Thank you!

Julia mcgee
Beautiful little plant!

Arrived with 2 little leaves after a slightly delayed shipment. Currently potted up in a tree pot until it's home is finished. Doing great, leafing out and growing at a tremendous rate! Hoping it does will in alkaline soil, but conflicting research makes me wonder. Zone 7b, desert, alkaline soil.

Louanne Payne
Arrived healthy with nice leaf buds!

The Concord Blue seedless grape root arrived healthy with beautiful little leaves! I had to pot it temporarily, but it's thriving wonderfully.

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