Bulb+ Fertilizer

Bulb+ Fertilizer

Bulb+ Fertilizer

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Protect and feed your bulbs and tubers! Good for use in Spring and Fall for all bulbs and tubers, flowers and vegetables! Bulb+ fertilizer will work in not only protecting your bulbs and tubers against mold and rot with the use of organic sulfur, but in addition, it will also feed the plants beneficial phosphorus for root development so they can get established and flourish the following season! To top it all off, Bulb+ contains over 60 trace minerals from sources such as greensand and azomite, to feed the soil and keep the beneficial microbes happy. It has the perfect blend of minerals and is intended solely for this purpose. 

How To Use:

Apply 1 TBSP of Bulb+ per bulb in each planting hole, cover bulbs, then water well and mulch if needed. 

Perfect for garlic, daffodils, tulips, iris, potatoes, onion sets, dahlias, and more!


Bulbs not included

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