Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry Plug

Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry Plug

Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry Plug

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Introducing the Prime-Ark Freedom Blackberry – a revolution in berry cultivation. First thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry variety! Bursting with flavor, this remarkable variety combines the sweetness of traditional blackberries with the convenience of primocane fruiting. Its moderate firmness makes it great for fresh eating. 

Experience the joy of harvesting plump, juicy berries not once but twice a year – in both summer and fall. With its erect, thornless canes and disease-resistant nature, Prime-Ark Freedom redefines the blackberry-growing experience, making it accessible to all.

Harvest Time: Primocane/Fall/Everbearing
Berry Size: Very Large
Thornless: Yes
Best in zones: 5-9
Age of Plant: 1 Year 
Shipped as: Plug Plant 

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