Metal Teaspoon Plant Markers


Metal Teaspoon Plant Markers

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Add a touch of whimsy to your garden with our charming silver-plated teaspoons, repurposed as delightful vegetable markers or adorned with cute garden sayings. These elegant yet playful accents bring a dash of personality to your garden beds, combining functionality with enchanting aesthetics for a truly delightful gardening experience. 

These vintage silver-plated spoons have been treasure hunted and handpicked from local and afar antique shops. They are hand-stamped, so no 2 will ever be the same. As they have been used before, each spoon will have imperfections. However, they have been hand-polished and washed before being sent out to the customer. 

Spoons measure between 6" tall and 1.25" wide. 

Need a different size or saying? Check out more sizes here.

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