Broccoli Rabe - Spring Rapini

Broccoli Rabe - Spring Rapini

Plant Attributes

Container Friendly
Days to Maturity: 55
Full Sun
Approximate Seed Count: 300

Broccoli Rabe - Spring Rapini

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A MIgardener favorite! Spring rapini is one of our favorite broccoli varieties to grow due to its intense flavor and foolproof growth habit. Where other broccoli falls short, this variety is able to be eaten stem, leaves, and all! Best if soaked in a bit of saltwater and quickly sautéed with white or red wine to remove the bitterness. The plants are cold tolerant, and with the use of a hoop house or cold frame, many can overwinter this green. The plant produces florets much like broccoli, but are small and shouldn't be overlooked because the whole plant is edible allowing for far more productivity in small spaces.

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