Turning Halloween Pumpkins Into FREE Fertilizer in 4 Simple Steps

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With all the pumpkins on the sides of the road waiting to go to the landfill, I set out to make something of them. I found a solution! I looked up the NPK of pumpkins and was delighted to find that they have a ratio of 2-1-3 when decomposed. This simple, free, organic, and effective fertilizer can be made with simply put... Left over pumpkins. 

Step one - Pick up jack-o-lanterns on the side of the road
Step two - Place pumpkins in a bucket or wheel barrow and mash with a sledge hammer or shovel to make a bunch of mashed pumpkins. 
Step three - Dig a hole 6-10 inches deep, and pour pumpkin mash into the hole.
Step four - put soil back over pumpkin mash. and create a mound where you will plant ON TOP of the mound next spring. 

This will do several things, The nutrients in the pumpkin will break down and feed the soil. The worms will move into the soil loosening, and creating worm castings all throughout. The humus created will also hold more water to feed the roots of the crops you are growing above. 

I hope nobody will let this VERY helpful organic fertilizer go to waste, and with all the Halloween festivities over, the pumpkins are not hard to find at all.

Happy Gardening! 



  • AJ

    They’re also great for free chicken treats and chickens make lots of fertilizer… lots.

  • Carol Dickson CA

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • Michele Young

    What a fabulous, golishly-cool ideal!!! The thought of worm casting delivered straight to the right spot is awesome!!

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