Top 10 ways to Organic Garden For Cheap

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Top 10 ways to Organic Garden For Cheap


Everyone likes to go green, grow green, and save green. But organic gardening is just so expensive! How on earth can one grow 100% organic produce, and still save money? We are on a mission to not only be agriculturally sustainable, but financially sustainable, so this mission has become a success, and I want to show you how we saved thousands, but grew thousands as well!

1. Use home-made compost - Compost is the most important part of the garden. By compost food scraps, newspaper, junk mail, and yard waste, you can produce amazing compost for 100% FREE

2. Use re-purposed materials - My last project was to create a sustainable grow tower, it had to meet all my criteria. Had to be organic, had to be both kinds of sustainable, and had to grow tons of food. So I went with a sustainable grow tower. I made it using re-purposed materials and I only spent $6 on something that will grow over $50 worth of vegetables the one time around. You can watch exactly how I did it, see the video HERE. 

3. Start small - Big gardens can be big piggy banks. Often compost must be brought in or manure, and this can really add up resulting in a very expensive salad.

4. Use hand tools -  besides being an amazing workout, hand tools are free, and they do not use gas. Not only is this better for the environment, but it is better for your pocket too. 

5. Start from seed - Starting from seed can be an excellent investment, especially if you purchase heirloom varieties and save seeds for the next growing year. 4 packets of 150 or more seeds can cost the same as 1 single plant at the greenhouse.

6. Offer garden tours to raise money - If your garden looks impressive, allow people to tour your garden for $1 a person. Most people that enjoy gardening would spend five times that just to talk gardening with someone else. 

7. Join a community garden - Growing at home can be a big undertaking, and if you have to build the beds, buy the soil, and ensure good growing conditions you will find that you will save quite a bit of money by just growing your garden at your local community garden for the first couple years. 

8. Ask parents for a loan - This tip is for the kids out there. If you are a kid, or a parent with kids. Encourage them to start a garden, giving them some "seed" money will allow them to start a garden, and now have them worrying about using up their piggy bank money. 

9. Sell Plant Start to raise money - Everyone likes a few vegetable plants growing, and ofen times many people would much rather buy from a gardener than a big greenhouse. So plant more than you intend to grow and sell some! 

10. Only plant what you intend to grow - Often times as gardeners we tend to plant more than we need, and we buy more seed than what we need. This is just a waste of money, time, and effort that could have been put to use elsewhere. 


~Hope these tips helped!


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