Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Garden Workload with Gardening Robots

by Halley -Author at MIGardener

Written by - Kaitlynn from MIgardener

The robots are definitely taking over. We have robots in our phones, homes, and cars that are ready to answer our many questions and even play us our perfect song. Sci-fi movies have led us to be suspicious, but in reality these robots are some of the coolest and most advanced technology the modern world has ever seen!

For some of us, our love for gardening is only challenged by the struggle of the more menial gardening tasks. Sometimes I worry about the oncoming robot invasion, but if all these robots want to do is increase the efficiency of my garden, I say bring it on!

Here are some of the coolest, most eco-friendly new innovations in gardening technology:

Mowbot: Grass Cutting Expert

garden robots

Imagine smelling fresh cut grass every day. With Mowbot, your freshly cut lawn can be maintained with battery powered GPS technology. Mowbot trims the grass daily, keeping your lawn self fertilized and healthy. The small grass trimmings left behind help the lawn grow stronger and thicker. Mowbot is quiet in comparison to a traditional lawnmower, so quiet that you'll probably forget it's getting the job done! This product is a practical way to shrink your carbon footprint drastically in 2019. As a matter of fact, using Mowbot instead of a gas lawnmower will cut down dramatically of polluting local groundwater as the common causes of pollution are fertilizer, herbicide, and oil or gas from yard tools.


Tertill: The Weeding Roomba

Garden Robots

Look no further for an organic weeding method. The same people who brought you Roomba are developing an adorable, solar powered way to effectively rid your garden of weeds. Tertill searches your garden for weeds and whacks them down every day, which naturally cuts off their ability to grow until they become just another part of your soil. No harsh chemicals needed! Tertill is perfect for those who are at a loss for weeding time in their busy schedule. And great for anyone suffering from joint pain who might be looking for a new way to decrease the amount of stress they put on their bodies in the garden.


FarmBot: The Future of Gardening?

Garden Robots


The most common comment I've heard from non-gardeners goes something like this, "Gardening seems wonderful, if only I had the time." I feel like that myself. Sometimes, life is so busy that it becomes difficult to do the things we enjoy. Now, with the new technology of FarmBot, any well off person has no excuse not to garden. FarmBot allows you to plot your garden via a graphic design program. However you program it, these customizable machines are programmed to care for your garden. Gardeners can monitor how their garden is doing from a simple app on their phone. FarmBot does it all, from planting to watering, and notifies you via e-mail when your produce is ready to harvest!

This might seem like a scandalous prospect, but with the success that FarmBot has had so far; it won't be long until more affordable options are made available to the public. Additionally, NASA is currently investigating if FarmBot would be a viable option for the future of gardening on Mars! Who knows what will happen next? Developers want to revolutionize the way that people garden, so that the tradition of healthy home grown food can be passed down for generations to come. We shouldn't be afraid of that.


What do you think? Is technology moving too fast, or not fast enough for you? Which one of these gardening robots would you want to try in your garden?

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