MIgardener Celebrates 1 Million Gardeners on YouTube

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One of our biggest milestones to date was accomplished March 16 2022!

This is something that we have dreamed of for years. It has been a goal that we reached organically (no pun intended!) Always aiming to provide the most reliable information we can in the most accessible way. We are so thankful for the platform that Youtube is as it has enabled us to teach people all over the world how to garden! Our team is elated as well, and when we knew that this milestone looked more possible than ever, Luke did what he always does, thinks BIG! We wanted to find a way to celebrate this in a memorable way! Luke proposed to sow over 10,000,000 wildflower seeds in our MIgardener property - the team was onboard! It did not take much convincing to have our manager Aidan to sign himself up to film up in a helicopter the release of all these wildflower seeds! We had one of our friends Cecilia from Downtown Imaging Co come out to document this wonderful event! 

In this picture : We were blessed with great weather on March 18 - clear skies, sun and warmish weather! The team is gathering trying to spot the helicopter!


In this Picture: We spot Aidan! Aidan got to ride with a team that specializes in putting together similar events like this - such as confetti drops for gender reveals and such - but they had never thrown seeds to an open field! 


 In this picture: The team is ready to view the seeds drop! Some brought an umbrella to avoid getting seeds in their hair, while some embraced it as is! 

The seed drop was such a fun milestone to celebrate with the team - it was nice to be out in nature in such a nice winter day, and see all these seeds go! We can't wait to see how well everything will flourish. We are incredibly thankful of all the support we have received, from our loyal team, friends, family and MIgardener community! Luke and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to help others grow a garden! Thank you again for being on this journey with us and making us a port of your garden! We will defintely document how everything comes along with the wildflowers as the season goes!



Luke, Sindy and MIgardener Team

Watch the Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWA9SZc5x6Y


  • Lidi

    How AWESOME!
    Big CONGRATS to y’all!!

  • Stephanie Murrile

    What a great idea!

  • Neil Spoonhower

    Congrats on hitting a million and even on my birthday! Watch your channel every week!

  • midge1johnson

    Loved watching that….
    Totally "groovy.. "

  • Leta Johnson

    Beautiful. Just ordered $400.00+ seeds for my Church’s community garden. Looking forward to planting them and yielding a full harvest for our community here in Wichita, Kansas. I watch EVERY YOUTUBE video by MIGARDENER and look forward to doing so for many years to come. Be BLESSED

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