Happy Birthday, MIgardener Port Huron! 3 Years Downtown

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As a Port Huron, Michigan native, my city's slow but steady transformation has been stunning to see over the last 5-7 years. Three years ago, MIgardener set roots in Port Huron to become part of that change. It's hard to find a downtown more connected and optimistic as Port Huron. In the last three years, we have made unforgettable memories here. We can't wait to see what the future hold for us! Here are a few of the MIgardener team's favorite moments of the last 3 years in our brick and mortar store.

The image was taken on boat night in Port Huron.

Our Favorite Past Events

Local events foster a sense of community in our city. As a business, we have had a blast getting creative and planning events in our storefront. Even working around covid restrictions, we partnered with the city to supply families in our area with seed kits and support other small businesses. Back in 2017, our first-ever event was a tomato taste-testing party! We grew a handful of our favorite heirloom varieties and invited our customers to try them!

Events like "Plant A Flower With Mom" were a wonderful way to get to know families in our city. Parents and kiddos came to spend some time at our storefront in May of 2019 to plant a flower and paint a pot for our Mothers Day event. Events, workshops, and more will be coming back this summer for MIgardener Port Huron! Keep your eyes open for event updates on MIgardener Port Huron's Facebook page.


Team Building

Our team loves taking the opportunity to rest and reset together. Every once in a while, we take a day off as a group (during our slow season) to relax. Sometimes, this means a day at the beach or a local apple orchard. Having a healthy balance between work and play keeps us motivated to provide you with top-tier service!

Favorite Port Huron Places

At our in Downtown Port Huron, we are surrounded by many other wonderful businesses. In our weekly youtube Q&A show "Roots, Shoots & Coffee," Kirsten and Halley often get their drinks from one of the many local coffee shops in town. Kate's Downtown and Exquisite Corpse Coffee House are our go-to for a perfect cup of joe!

A Social Media Haven For Gardeners

You probably enjoy following MIgardener on Instagram, but if you're looking for a closer look at the MIgardener community and Port Huron life, the MIgardener Port Huron Instagram is the place to be! Even during the lockdown, the MIgardenerph community shared their garden progress, helped give garden advice in the comments, and encouraged each other through the pandemic. If you're looking for some garden inspiration, check it out!


– Kaitlynn from MIgardener

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  • Delmar James DeWolf

    Watched you grow up on tube, and when I’ve watched – I ALWAYS feel good!
    Bet you and the family are pleased that only your thumb is green.
    Anyway I just wanted to know if you take advanced orders on garlic and shallots now, you were out last mid September when I saw your tube ones on planting them and went crazy trying to do it before it got to late, and to my regret I bought some from GURNEY’S, hard neck garlic and sunset shallots-garlic was SMALL, and had mold on some cloves, shallots about 10 to a bag 2-3 out of 3 bags were rotting! 1 bag 8 were spoiled, they sent 1 replacement that came in November- to late to plant, so we ate them tossed 2.
    I think there so big they really don’t care.
    So I would only want to buy from you and not miss an opportunity to reserve.
    Sorry for being long winded I’m an old dirt and it’s usually permitted.

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