5 Simple Ways to Build Your Organic Garden Soil

by Halley -Author at MIGardener

We all like to imagine that perfect garden soil. The kind that grows lush, perfect vegetables every time. The kind that is black, and doesn't ever get muddy. You know what kind I am talking about. Well how do you get that for your garden? Here is 5 ways you can build your soil, and ensure your organic garden will be as successful as possible. 

1. COMPOST - OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcompost is the building block for any successful garden. It adds humus, humic acid, fertility, loosness, and water & nutrient holding capabilities. It can be made from yard waste, leaf mulch, food scraps, animal manure, or even worms. 


2. ROCK DUST - Many people completely overlook the power of rock dust. Brands of rock dust include the popular Azomite or Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust. This powerful dust is a must have for my garden, because it gives the plants and beneficial micro-organisms the Micro-nutrients and trace minerals they need to flourish. It also helps to aid the relationship between plant roots and beneficial microbes and fungi.

3. MULCH - Mulch is anything that is layed down as a ground cover to hold moisture, protect the soil from solar radiation, and suppress weeds. However the organic gardeners would like to also mention, mulch adds great organic matter to the soil as well. So while tire mulch is cheap, it probably is not the best mulch for your organic garden. Some good examples of mulch are: Paper shreddings, leaf mulch, wood chips, grass clippings, and cardboard.

4. COMPOST TEA - Compost tea is a liquid superdrink for your plants. Whether you choose brewed or steeped, that is up to you. But you can increase the microbial & fungal life in your garden by up to 6 times simply by applying compost tea. Not only is it great for adding beneficial microbes and fungi, it also adds a very gental fertilizing that will get your garden greening up and responding well. Here are some links on making compost tea:
Steeped Compost Tea - 
Brewed tea - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QFm0eAy8HI

5. MOLASSES - Molasses is a vital part of my garden. 2 times a year I will spread either a liquid solution of molasses, or I will lay down powdered molasses. Both are very convenient, and will give you the results you are looking for. Molasses is a sugar source that the beneficial bacteria can use to multiply in number. They are found present in all soil, but can be added with the compost tea seen above. Below is an attatched link to a video I did on fertilizing with molasses where I speak in a bit more detail about how it works. 
                                                                         CLICK IMAGE  TO WATCH 

Howto fertilize with molasses

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